What’s in The Laughter Locker?

Google ‘different kinds of yoga‘ as June did a couple of days ago and, depending on which link you follow, you’ll find descriptions of at least 14 styles.

Not quite an A to Z, more of an A (Ananda) to Y (Yin), but a comprehensive choice nevertheless, with some of the names – Bikram, Hatha and Hot for example – more recognisable than others.

Some of them you’ll know about and maybe even practise yourself but have you heard of – or even tried – Laughter Yoga?

Step forward Teresa Sanderson of The Laughter Locker, one of the guests on Girls Around Town this weekend, who’ll be explaining how the classes she runs combine laughter yoga, breathing, mindfulness and meditation to change mindsets for a healthier, happier you…

She’ll be talking too about lipoedema, a rare fat disease she suffers from herself that was very much a part of the reason she became a Laughter Yoga therapist.

Tune in or listen online from 10am to 12 noon on Sunday morning to find out more about Tess’s work for the charity Lipoedema UK, which appropriately enough launches its 2019 Awareness Month on Sunday too.

She’ll be joining June and Rachel in the studio for the second hour of the show – but make sure you’re listening to the first hour too, when Janice Holmes pops in to share some exciting news.

If you’re expecting any hints here, you’ll be disappointed but all will be revealed shortly after 10am on Sunday!!

A language more universal than words

sunset tree

Picture by Gilly Walker

Want to do much more with your camera or smartphone than just take selfies and holiday snaps?

Then you’ll want to hear what this week’s guest Gilly Walker has to say about the exciting possibilities photography offers both as a form of self expression and as a meditative or mindful practice…

Photography is a language more universal than words – Minor White

Fine art photographer, philosopher, writer and lover of nature Gilly will be joining the Girls Around Town in the studio to talk about a more thoughtful, intuitive approach to taking pictures, one that is often called contemplative or inner path photography.

“I like to photograph things not for what they are but for what else they are,” says Gilly, paraphrasing one of America’s greatest photographers, Minor White.

“I like the dreamy, the ambiguous, the moody, the spontaneous, the colourful and the symbolic, and I like to find these in very ordinary places where they often go unnoticed. I don’t own much gear and I’m not very interested in the equipment – the technology is a means to an end and while I do think that much is gained from knowing how to use it, ultimately the power of an image comes from the photographer’s ability to see freshly and clearly.”

Tune in or listen online between 10am and 12 noon on Sunday to find out more about mindfulness in photography, how Gilly discovered her photographic voice and how she helps others to do so too in her workshops, creative photo walks and personal tuition.

There might even be time to ask her to share her sonnet on the theme of chocolate, a love story that’s pretty universal too!

Mapping the way to wellbeing…2



A few signposts for those of you looking for more information after yesterday’s interview with Dr Adigo Atabo…

You’ll find full details of how her consultation process works, her fees and her clinics in Nottingham and London on her functional medicine website.

And if you’re interesting in experiencing mindfulness, meditation and self enquiry, the Unplugged Space sessions take place from 2.30pm to 4.30pm every Saturday at Tiger Boe, 7 Clarendon Street, Nottingham NG1 5HS.

Check out the US Twitter page or email ThinkNotts@gmail.com for more information about these free drop-in events…