Crystal clear

For some time now, top celebrities have been crediting crystals with a variety of healing powers.

But are these pretty little nuggets of amethyst, agate, tiger’s eye and turquoise, to name just a few, really a form of energetic medicine that can make your life better?

Whether you want to boost your finances, attract love, cultivate more patience or enjoy better sleep, the author of Crystal365: Crystals for Everyday Life, Heather Askinosie, thinks they are.

And someone a little closer to home who shares her belief in those powers is this weekend’s Girls Around Town guest, Vanessa Anthony

She’ll be joining June in the second hour of the show to talk about her career as a jeweller and share her knowledge and experience as a crystal practioner.

If you’re crystal-curious and want to find out what actually makes them work, which gems are best for you to wear and just what crystal tinctures are – and how to make them! – be sure to tune in to 107.8FM  or listen online from 11am to hear what Vanessa has to say.

Who knows, you might discover how crystals could rock your world…


Remember the show nine months ago when Janice Holmes dropped into the studio to launch her Bras for Gambia appeal?

How confident she was that the ladies of Newark and beyond would bring out their bras to support the project?

And how, a few weeks later, she was back with the Girls Around Town to admit just how much she’d underestimated the response, with over 8,000 bras flooding into Newark from as far afield as Canada and Australia?!

By the time the container was ready to head off to West Africa, that 8,000-plus had grown to 10,000-plus and more than a dozen volunteers had come forward to join her in the experience of a lifetime last November

Catch up with Janice in the first hour of next weekend’s show when she’ll be joined by Lesley Rhodes, one of those volunteers, to tell June all about the trip – the people they met, the places they visited and of course the girls and ladies of all ages who were expertly measured for and fitted with what in most cases were the first bras they’d ever owned.

Now rumour has it that plans are already being made for a return visit.

Tune in to 107.8FM or listen online from 10am next Sunday morning to find out just what could be in the pipeline – apparently next time it might not be only bras they’ll be taking with them!

Finding a happy, healthy you

Do you want to feel happier? Perhaps you want to be healthier? Or maybe you want to feel happier and be healthier but you’re not sure where to start?

The answer’s simple – join the Girls Around Town this weekend to hear what guest Amanda Whitehead has to say…

She’ll be talking to June and Rosalyn about her own struggles with IBS and an under-active thyroid. And how she’s now using the lessons she learned on her journey to better health to help others overcome their own problems.

Through her Lincoln-based business Calm Holistic – soon to be renamed Healthy Happy You – Amanda shows clients how making the right decisions about what they  choose to eat and drink, how they breathe, sleep and move can help create balance in all areas of their lives.

From the importance of nutrition to whether ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to the right amount of exercise to be doing, she’ll be sharing her top tips for becoming that happy, healthy you…

Make sure you tune to 107.8FM or listen online from 10am to 12 noon on Sunday to hear how making a start is as easy as one-two-three!

Taking your body and mind from tired to inspired