A kids’ day out that’s going to be POSITIVELY great!

If you’re a regular listener to Girls Around Town, you’ll almost certainly recognise the name Claire Clements…

If you were tuned in to the show back in February, you’ll already have an idea what it is she’ll be talking about this weekend…

And if you’ve got kids, you’ll definitely want to make a note of the all-important date of her next big event!!

On Sunday 25 September, the Positively Empowered Kids Festival returns to Nottingham Racecourse and it’s going to be a day packed with plenty of inspiring free activities, interactive demonstrations and knowledge of how to flourish and thrive.

Both mums themselves, Claire and and her business partner Jackie Wilson have joined forces to put together another fun day aimed at families with children aged between five and 12, designed to educate, empower and inspire those kids to build positive mental health and unlock their potential.

Don’t forget to Put On Your Sunday Best – and your positive pants too, of course! – to join Claire, Jackie and June on 107.8FM, on the apps, on Alexa or online from just after 11am to find out what they’ve got in store for that big day…

And in the meantime, if you want to get ahead of the game and book tickets for your own family, you can follow this link to do just that!

It’s time to share some talk of the town!

If you follow Girls Around Town on Facebook or you were listening to June on air this morning, you probably already know what’s coming.

After a bit of a delay, the first issue of her brand new digital magazine TALK OF THE TOWN is out now and she really hopes you’ll enjoy reading it as much as she enjoyed writing it…

So here it is – just click on the Fullscreen icon at the bottom right to start flipping your way through it!

As the producer and presenter of the show aired live from 10am to 12 noon every Sunday, June’s been talking about the town where she lives since Radio Newark began broadcasting 24 hours a day, seven days a week back in 2015.

But much as she enjoys doing that, for some time now she’s been dreaming of returning to writing, which has always been her true passion.

“Even though I do that a lot as a media manager and website designer, what I really wanted was to write what I wanted to for a change and finally, that’s exactly what I’ll be doing in TALK OF THE TOWN,” she says.

“I’m deliberately keeping it relatively short and sweet, with just 16 pages in this first issue, which I hope makes reading it the perfect way to pass a little bit of free time, not only for those who live in and love Newark as much as I do but also for a wider audience wanting to find out more about our little market town and its surroundings.”

Published as a flipbook on the ISSUU website, initially there’ll be a new issue popping up every three months, with the next one online just before Christmas.

But there’s definitely no shortage of stories about Newark and the nearby towns and villages for June to share…

So she’s already thinking that it probably won’t be very long before quarterly becomes bi-monthly!

Another chance to catch up with Carolyn

No guest in the studio with June this weekend but if you missed last Sunday’s show, here’s a chance to catch up with what Newark MENCAP‘s Carolyn Brocklebank had to say.

You’ll find their full chat below, as they talked about the work Carolyn and her colleagues do at THE AVENUE on Hatton Gardens, their plans to move to new premises at the Community Centre on Baldertongate in just a few weeks’ time and some of the events and activities their members enjoy on a regular basis.

If you want to find out more about the group, either for yourself or on behalf of a friend or family member, there are various ways to get in touch…

  • By phone to 01636 707593
  • On Facebook by following this link
  • By email to dianenewarkmencap@gmail.com

And if you’d like to donate towards that trip to TWINLAKES they’re planning to take soon, you’ll find details of how to do so towards the end of their chat – as Carolyn says, every little helps and they can’t wait to enjoy their first day out together after such a long break.

And finally, here’s a copy of that poem she mentioned that earned them a letter from the Queen!