Back on pointe with Christina

It’s been just over a year since Christina Phillips-Kelly was last on Girls Around Town, chatting to June about how things were gradually returning to normal for The Studio at Averham after the lifting of Covid-19 restrictions.

And now she’s back, live in the studio this weekend with news of what’s on the cards in the coming weeks and months for her and the dancers she trains…

Bright and early in the first hour of the show because she needs to rush across to Averham to carry out some of that training!

Just a few days after her chat with June, on Saturday 17 September to be precise, she’ll be putting on a street performance – if you’re not quite sure what one of these involves, she’ll have a full explanation to share with you, along with what the theme of this particular one is, where it’s taking place and of course the all-important timing for those of you who’d like to pop along and enjoy it.

Looking a bit further forward, she’ll be talking about a long-awaited opportunity to bring a special event to the area, postponed for a couple of years because of those lockdowns.

Taking place at Southwell Minster School on Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 December, it’s Cinderella – quite possibly one of the most well-known and best-loved tales of all time transformed into a ballet.

If panto’s not really your thing, this sounds like a great alternative for a pre-Christmas treat so make sure you’re tuned in to 107.8FM or listening on the apps, on Alexa or online from just after 10.20am for a bit of a preview…

And you’ll probably want to do the same again on Sunday 27 November, when Christina will be back on air for an update on how the rehearsals are progressing as they head towards the day when the curtain will rise for the first performance a few weeks later!

Without dance, what’s the pointe?

If there’s one person who’d definitely agree with the words above, it has to be the next guest on Girls Around Town!

It’s almost two years since Christina Philllips-Kelly was last in the studio with June talking about The Studio at Averham, where she runs ballet and tap classes for young people aged over 14 and for adults.

But she’s back in the studio this weekend, this time describing how she kept in touch with her students during lockdowns…

And how the recent lifting of restrictions has finally allowed them to get back to classes and workshops, among them a three-day event aimed at nine to 14-year olds taking place later this month.

Christina is over the moon about the studio’s re-opening of course but she’s particularly excited about one other piece of news she’ll be sharing this weekend – that right now one of her young students is busy honing his skills at the Royal Ballet School!

Pictured above in his ballet uniform, 14 year-old Jem Allam is taking part in an intensive summer course run by what is widely recognised as one of the world’s greatest centres of classical ballet training.

She’ll be explaining how Jem got this incredible opportunity, the kind of things he’s doing and learning during his time there and what it means not only to him but to his fellow students back in Newark and to Christina herself as his tutor.

Make sure you’re tuned to 107.8FM or listening online, on the apps or on Alexa from 11.10am on Sunday to hear what Christina has to say…

And don’t forget to Put On Your Sunday Best from 10am to join June for more local news and great music in the first hour of the show too!

Swan Lake comes to Southwell

Something for all the ballet lovers out there…

It’s probably one of the best-known, best-loved tales ever told but do you really understand the story of Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake?

And did you know that ballet companies performing it can – and often do – change the ending to suit themselves?

Join the Girls Around Town in the second hour of this weekend’s show to hear Christina Phillips-Kelly describing some of the twists and turns of the plot, which centres around a princess called Odette who is cruelly changed into a white swan and must remain a swan until she finds her prince.

She’ll be sharing details too of The Studio at Averham‘s own adaptation of this all-time classic, which comes to Southwell Secondary School next month.

Raising money for the Breast Cancer arm of Cancer Research UK, the performances take place on Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 January – tickets are selling fast so make sure you’re standing by with paper and pen at the ready to make a note of how to get yours before it’s too late.

Tune in to 107.8FM or listen online from 11am to 12 noon when Christina will be telling June and Rachel what’s in store for the audiences in Southwell, why she chose to go with one of the more traditional endings to the story and, before she leaves the Radio Newark studios, giving theatre-goers a two-word warning – bring tissues!!