A day out with a difference – anyone for axe throwing?

It’s too soon to check the weather forecast for early autumn right now, of course.

But one thing’s for sure – this week’s guests on Girls Around Town will be keeping everything crossed that the sun is shining over one Nottinghamshire village in mid-September!!

Charles Brightmore and Paul Cotter have joined forces to put together an action-packed programme for the Little Carlton Village Fete on Sunday 12 September

And they’re joining forces this Sunday too, when they pick up the phone to call the studio and tell June all about what’s in store.

Plenty of things for the kids to do, with a chance to get up close to a python, a tarantula, a meerkat and more just one of the activities they’ll be sure to love.

Or if that’s not for you, how about taking a ride on a tractor, getting a pic of you and your partner sitting in a pair of stocks (wet sponges optional there!), guessing the weight of a tup or trying your hand at axe throwing?

There’ll be lots of food and drink on offer too, from a ploughman’s or a panini to afternoon teas or ice cream, washed down with tea, soft drinks and craft ales.

You’ll find all this and and a whole lot more going on between 11am and 5pm – far too much to list right here in fact, so don’t forget to Put On Your Sunday Best and tune in to 107.8FM or listen online from just after 11.10am this weekend to hear what the guys have to say.

Make sure you put that other Sunday in your diary as well to help Charles, Paul and everyone else taking part in the fete raise much-needed funds for the Lincs/Notts Air Ambulance

All while you’re enjoying a fun-filled family day out!

How often not now becomes never

How many times do you find yourself putting off something on your to-do list, delaying a task that will take a while to complete until you’ve ticked off the quick and easy ones on there?

I’ll do that later, you tell yourself – and all too frequently, later can just end up being too late.

Or in the words of Martin Luther King, ‘How often not now becomes never‘.

It’s called procrastination of course and this weekend’s guest on Girls Around Town will be explaining what makes you do it…

And more importantly, how to stop doing it!

Joining June on the phone in the second hour of the show, Cathie Babbington’s recently published book 10 Minutes With Coach Cath is packed with hints and tips to help you manage your time efficiently where social media is concerned.

She’ll have rather more than just 10 minutes on Sunday of course and will be putting her time – and yours! – to good use when she shares her latest advice from just after 11.10am.

Make sure your to-do list this week includes a reminder to tune in to 107.8FM or listen online to catch what Cathie has to say…

No procrastinating – put it on the list now!!

Returning to the office well

A few more top tips for you on Girls Around Town on Sunday

And this time it’s the familiar voice of Rosalyn Palmer you’ll be listening to – and learning from!

Wellbeing guru and therapist Ros will be back on air in the second hour of the show, sharing a few ways to make easing yourself back into the office a little bit less difficult, after so many months spent running your own business or working for someone else’s from home.

Based on a recent article written for the Hays website, those top tips of hers – there are five of them in all – are designed to make getting back to ‘normal’ as stress-free as possible, suggesting what you should be doing and, just as importantly, what you shouldn’t!

“As human beings, wired by the primeval part of our brains for survival, we have a negativity bias that keeps us on high alert for what is wrong (or a threat) and we seek comfort in what is familiar,” says Ros.

“Over the last year we, as an adaptive species, have made the unfamiliar (lockdown and working from home for many) familiar. So now, the reverse is true and what was once commonplace will feel strange and possibly a threat.”

Make sure you put on your Sunday best this weekend to hear what Ros has to say when she’s on the phone to June from 11.10am

Just tune in to 107.8FM, listen online or head over to the free Radio Newark apps and join them both to find out how her words of wisdom can help you return to the office well!