Websites We Love

If you enjoy following our website, you might like to check out some of these…

  • Visit The Southwell Scoop for all the latest information about businesses, events and attractions in and around Southwell
  • Our good friend Deborah Garlick is one of the ‘wise women’ behind Henpicked
  • Pamela Burrows has lots of useful ideas on how to awaken your potential on her blog
  • Photographer, writer, philosopher and lover of nature Gilly Walker shares her inspiring pictures on her website
  • For hints, tips and recipes to help you eat your way back to health, check out what nutritional therapist Sophia Hill has to say on her website, Sophia’s Kitchen Therapy
  • Find out more about Rosalyn, the Girls Around Town wellbeing guru, here
  • Another good friend, Karen Sugden, has recently launched Cryo Health and Beauty UK in Newark, the only clinic across the East Midlands currently offering cryotherapy treatments for health and beauty – find out more on her website

And if you’re wondering where to find fabulous photos like some of the ones on this site, checkout two awesome websites, Unsplash and Pixabay

Sign up to either (or both!) and you’ll have access to thousands of high resolution images on dozens of different subjects – they’re free to download and you’re free to use them wherever and however you want.

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