A different kind of drama queen

When you call someone a ‘drama queen’, it’s pretty safe to say you’re not usually paying her a compliment.

But use the same two words to describe next week’s Girls Around Town guest and they take on a completely different meaning.

After teaching thousands of youngsters and with several plays and musicals to her name, there’s no doubt that Carolyn Drury is a leading contender for the title of the Drama Queen of Newark, where she’s lived and worked for most of her life.

She’ll be joining June and Rachel in the studio on Sunday morning to talk about a career that has spanned several decades. A career that, even at the age of 74, is far from over…

Tune or listen online between 10am and 12 noon to find out how Carolyn went from training as an actress herself to mentoring aspiring young performers through the NITS programme and what’s in the pipeline now she’s retired from teaching to concentrate on writing for the stage.

“Although I’ve always enjoyed writing, between working and bringing up my family I struggled to find the time,” she says. “But now I feel that this is my time at last.

“And I’ve no concerns about coming up with new ideas for material – my imagination is the only muscle that still works!”

If the bra fits…

Wearing an ill-fitting bra isn’t just uncomfortable, it can cause all kinds of problems – from back, shoulder and neck pain to poor posture and skin abrasions.

Despite this, women everywhere are getting it wrong when it comes to bra size – in fact according to one major UK retailer, over 80 per cent of those using its fitting service had been doing just that!

With 34 years’ experience as an underwear specialist under her belt, one woman who clearly knows the importance of getting it right is Janice Holmes, next Sunday‘s guest on Girls Around Town.

She’ll be chatting to June and Rachel – and probably sizing them both up as she does so! – about her new mobile bra fitting business. And about how, since launching Janice Rose Lingerie just a few months ago, she’s already helped dozens of ladies living in and around Newark find the perfect fit…

“Being professionally measured and fitted for a bra can make a huge difference to how a woman looks and feels so it’s important to go to an expert fitter regularly,” she says.

“But for many women, it’s not that easy because age, illness, infirmity or simply circumstances can prevent them visiting a store. It’s women like this I want to help, whatever their age, shape or size, by providing a bespoke and intimate service more sympathetic to their needs.”

Tune in or listen online between 10am and 12 noon to hear the advice Janice has to offer – and find out whether June and Rachel are in that 80 per cent in need of her help!!