Let’s get positive

June‘s got hers at the ready – this Sunday‘s guest definitely never leaves home without hers…

So you’d better make sure you put on your own positive pants when you join them for Girls Around Town this week!

Live in the studio for the first time since early 2020, Put On Your Positive Pants‘ Claire Clements will be looking back at some recent highlights as well as looking forward to what’s on the cards for the coming months.

She’ll have the latest news of her best-selling book, published at the end of July, as well as details of some of the events she’s been running recently.

And if you’ve got kids, you’ll certainly want to hear the tips and activities she’ll be sharing to help boost their wellbeing through the coming winter months.

Rounding off Claire’s latest on-air chat, the focus switches from positve pants to crafty pants, her exciting new collaboration with The Inky Nook which brings mindfulness and wellbeing crafts to your doorstep.

Designed to help children express and control their feelings as they lose themselves in their ideas, thoughts and play, the Crafty Pants box is aimed at kids from six to 10 and is perfect for them to enjoy on their own, with a friend or with a sibling.

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Positive Pants in print

It’s back to books on Girls Around Town this weekend…

Or, to be more precise, to one book in particular!

Claire Clements will be on the phone to the studio in the second hour of the show for her first catch up with June since early March.

Back then, she had news of an award for the work she does pointing parents in the right direction towards helping their kids feel empowered in a fun and creative way, under the Put On Your Positive Pants banner.

Claire will have details of the activities she’s been running recently, together with information about what’s on the cards for the coming weeks and months.

But most importantly of all, she’ll be taking time out on a very busy day to share one very exciting piece of news…

That the launch of her first book coincides with the conversation she and June will be having!!

Written by Claire herself, of course, and illustrated by Debra Webster, Put On Your Positive Pants tells the story of Holly, who wakes up feeling sad and, with the help of mum and some handy tips, learns to understand her emotions and grow a more positive mindset.

Described by Sunday Times bestselling author and speaker Paul McGee as ‘an engaging and entertaining read for children learning to understand their emotions and the journey to positivity’, it goes on sale from Sunday and Claire will be giving listeners a taste of what they’ll find in its pages to help them do just that.

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And don’t forget to put on your positive pants too!!

Put on your positive pants!

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And just like June and guest Claire Clements, make sure you’ve got your positive pants on too!

It’s Mother’s Day this Sunday of course, so what could be more appropriate than a catch-up with someone whose business is all about pointing mums – and dads – in the right direction towards helping their kids feel empowered in a fun and creative way?

Claire will be on the phone to the studio from 11.10am with the latest news from Positively Empowered Kids, her award-winning network of dedicated and inspiring experts all working to support the next generation.

Top of the list no doubt will be the online Neurodiversity event for parents, which takes place on Zoom and Facebook from 7.30pm every evening between Monday 15 and Friday 19 March.

An opportunity to explore and learn new and different approaches to support and celebrate neurodiversity, this week-long event will be rounded off on Saturday 20 March by a day of workshops for both parents and children, together with a panel event featuring some of the amazing young people Claire and her group have connected with recently.

For more details of this and other upcoming activities with kids at the forefront, make sure you join June and Claire this weekend…

There’s a rumour going round that Claire will have news of a prestigious award too but you’ll need to tune in to 107.8FM or listen online to find out all about that!