The founder of Blissful Balance and Positive Pants and the co-founder of the Positively Empowered Kids Festival and network group, Claire‘s mission is for everyone to flourish despite the setbacks that mental health issues can bring.

A speaker who also holds workshops for schools, community groups and businesses, she provides hands on tools and techniques, as well as a safe, nurturing space for each individual to focus on the positivity that is all around.

Through Positive Pants, Claire is bringing fun, laughter and positivity to families regionally, nationally and worldwide. She has also created a programme for businesses to help change the environment in the workplace and bring teams together. Her vision is to have a network of wellbeing advocates in every workplace.

A guest on the show twice in the recent past, Claire has now joined June, Rachel and Rosalyn as a guest presenter and will be making her debut on Sunday 10 November.

Initially she’s planning to be in the studio once a month, sharing her own views on the topics of the day.

But who knows, maybe she’ll have so much fun on those occasional weekends she might just be persuaded to join the team on a more regular basis!

Picture by Ursula Kelly Photography