Blueprint for a better future

Only one guest on Girls Around Town this week…

But given that it’s Rosalyn Palmer back on the phone to June, you can be sure you’re in for an entertaining and informative 30 minutes or so when you Put On Your Sunday Best to hear what she has to say!

Find out what’s been happening over on the farm since her last interview – word is that baby chicks have already started making an appearance and it won’t be long before newborn lambs are following in their footsteps…

It certainly seems as if Ros’s personal life has changed almost beyond recognition since she made the move to Lincolnshire but, on the professional front, things are every bit as busy for her too.

And it doesn’t look as if that is going to change any time soon, particularly given the fact that she’s just added another major coaching course to her already extensive repertoire.

If you want to change your life for the better in just six weeks, to be motivated, inspired and guided to achieve more than you dared to believe before, you’ll want to hear what Ros has to say about Realign, which promises to do exactly that…

She’ll be ringing the studio at 11.10am to explain just what’s involved, the results you can expect and, of course, how you can find out more.

Make sure you’re tuned in to to 107.8FM or listening online from 10am to 12 noon on Sunday to join June and Ros on your favourite weekend show on your favourite local radio station!

Being there for others

Another busy Sunday coming up, with no fewer than three guests joining June on Girls Around Town this week…

And it’s all about talking, listening and being there for others!

Do you find it easy to chat to people? Do you like listening to the stories they have to tell? If you do, you’ll want to hear what Tracy Parr and Kathy Payne have to say in the first hour of the show.

They’ll be calling the studio to describe their respective roles within The Listening Line, a popular telephone befriending service launched by Newark and Sherwood CVS last autumn.

Local residents who are referred into the service receive a weekly phone call from a volunteer to see how they are and have a friendly conversation. But don’t imagine they’re just talking about the weather – apparently recent topics of conversation have included belly-dancing, Guinness and using Spotify!

Make sure you’re listening from just after 10.20am to find out more about how it works and how, by becoming a volunteer yourself, you could help to combat isolation and loneliness among vulnerable residents by sharing a weekly chat with one or two of them…

Another group offering help to local residents is Unlock Your You and in the second hour of the show it’s over to Colby-Christopher Williams to explain just what it does and how it does it.

A registered charity offering a range of services to bridge the gap between no support and clinical support, UYY is currently looking to launch a response unit here in Newark which would mean that a team member trained in mental health first aid would be available to provide immediate face-to-face support to anyone calling their helpline.

They’re also in early talks to have at least one mental health responder at both Newark Northgate and Newark Castle train stations, an initiative already in place at Melton Mowbray.

Colby will be on the phone from 11.10am to talk about his own involvement in the charity, the different ways they’ve adapted over recent months to continue offering support to those who need it and how you can get involved in the valuable work they do.

Don’t forget to put on your Sunday best by tuning in to 107.8FM or listening online from 10am to 12 noon to hear what Tracy, Kathy and Colby all have to say when they join June this weekend…

Returning to the office well

A few more top tips for you on Girls Around Town on Sunday

And this time it’s the familiar voice of Rosalyn Palmer you’ll be listening to – and learning from!

Wellbeing guru and therapist Ros will be back on air in the second hour of the show, sharing a few ways to make easing yourself back into the office a little bit less difficult, after so many months spent running your own business or working for someone else’s from home.

Based on a recent article written for the Hays website, those top tips of hers – there are five of them in all – are designed to make getting back to ‘normal’ as stress-free as possible, suggesting what you should be doing and, just as importantly, what you shouldn’t!

“As human beings, wired by the primeval part of our brains for survival, we have a negativity bias that keeps us on high alert for what is wrong (or a threat) and we seek comfort in what is familiar,” says Ros.

“Over the last year we, as an adaptive species, have made the unfamiliar (lockdown and working from home for many) familiar. So now, the reverse is true and what was once commonplace will feel strange and possibly a threat.”

Make sure you put on your Sunday best this weekend to hear what Ros has to say when she’s on the phone to June from 11.10am

Just tune in to 107.8FM, listen online or head over to the free Radio Newark apps and join them both to find out how her words of wisdom can help you return to the office well!