Getting started is everything

How often do you find yourself putting off a job you really need to do?

A task that might be making you feel bad – perhaps it’s boring, too difficult or you’re just worried about failing?

It’s called procrastination of course and it’s going to be the main focus of wellbeing guru Rosalyn Palmer‘s chat when she joins June in the studio for this weekend’s Girls Around Town.

Research shows that once the first step is made towards a task, following through becomes easier – that once you get started, you’re typically able to keep going and in fact getting started is everything.

Ros will be live on air in the second hour of the show, explaining why it’s so tempting to put off what you should be doing and instead spend your time lounging on the sofa, browsing around on social media feeds or YouTube…

Where apparently the current fad for watching online cat videos is currently attracting billions of views!

She’ll be describing some of the effects of procrastination on both physical and mental health and how not putting off till tomorrow the things you should be doing today can help avoid those problems before she turns her attention to something coming back to Lincolnshire next month.

The second Boston Book Festival takes place on Friday 16, Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 September in various venues across the town and Ros, a successful author herself, will be back to take part in some of the many events.

You’ll find full details of the festival programme here, together with information on how to book tickets for the events you want to enjoy.

But in the meantime, make sure you Put On Your Sunday Best this weekend, on 107.8FM, on the apps, on Alexa or online from just after 11am to hear what Ros has to say about her own involvement in the event…

And of course to get that all-important information on how overcoming procrastination could have a major positive impact on your life!


A new chapter for Boston’s Book Festival

It’s all about Boston on Girls Around Town this Sunday morning.

But if previous on air chats with guest Jane Keightley are anything to go by, her conversation with June in the second hour of the show is sure to include a quick virtual trip over to Italy as well!

Freelance travel writer and tour guide Jane will be back in the studio to share some of the highlights of the past year, together with details of what’s on the cards for 2022. And top of both lists will no doubt be the Boston Book Festival she launched in 2021 that she’ll be bringing back to her Lincolnshire home town this September.

Make sure you Put On Your Sunday Best by tuning to 107.8FM or listening on the apps, on Alexa or online from just after 11.10am this weekend to find out what’s in store for book lovers of all ages at this year’s event, along with details of how to keep updated as the plans progress…

And hear what Jane has to say about the latest string added to her bow – a new job at one of the Book Festival’s venues, the 300-year old Fydell House in the heart of Boston’s Cultural Quarter, where she’s just taken on the role of receptionist, tour guide and wedding organiser!

Celebrating books, arts, crafts and a whole lot more this autumn!

It’s time for a look ahead to a couple of major events coming to two local towns with the help of this week’s guests on Girls Around Town.

Getting it all started, Jane Keightley will be on the phone to the studio from just after 10.20am with the latest news about the first ever Boston Book Festival taking place next month…

Then the focus is on Newark itself when Donna Hall joins June in the studio at 11.10am with details of another brand new event the Palace Theatre will be hosting at the beginning of October.

A regular guest on the show, Jane will have the latest details of what’s in store for book lovers over the weekend of Friday 17 to Sunday 19 September.

From poetry to chicklit, children’s books to historical fiction – and everything in between – there’s bound to be something to suit you, whether you’re an avid reader or just looking for something to pass the time while you’re sitting on a plane heading to the sun!

With all the events taking place at venues in and around Boston’s historic Market Place, there’ll be plenty of opportunities to meet some of the authors and talk about their work…

Who knows, you may even be inspired to write your very own best-seller!

Then, with a little help from Donna, it’s time to look ahead to the beginning of October and an event which, among other venues, features another equally historic Market Place just a short distance from the Radio Newark studio.

Part of a nationwide initiative which encourages communities to come together and create their own events, sharing and celebrating the genius in everyone, Newark’s Fun Palace will be showcasing all that the area has to offer.

From crafts to cooking, dance to self-defence classes and much more, the sky really is the limit in what’s being described as ‘a jumble sale of skills’ on offer between Friday 1 and Sunday 3 October.

Donna will have all the information you need, whether you’re a local crafter, maker or business owner looking to show off your own skills or you want to bring the family along to some of the activities and join in the fun.

Don’t forget to your Put On Your Sunday Best this weekend to join June, Jane and Donna listen online, on the apps or on 107.8FM from 10am to 12 noon….

And in the meantime, put those September and October dates in your diaries to make sure you don’t miss these two exciting new events coming to Boston and Newark this autumn!