Taking control of your hormones

A hot topic – in more ways than one! – on the agenda for this week’s show when Pamela Windle joins Rosalyn and June in the studio to describe how she guides clients through the perimenopause and menopause, helping them recreate lasting hormonal balance.

“Think of me as the sister you’ve never had but with the added bonus of women’s health and hynotherapy certifications!” says Pamela.

“Being a woman, a partner and a mother, I understand very well the challenges you might be facing right now in your life. I’ve faced plenty of health challenges of my own and helped hundreds of women feel happier, healthier and stronger so they can start living life on THEIR terms, instead of being a victim of their bodies.”

Tune in or listen online between 10am and 12 noon on Sunday to hear Pamela sharing her own story with the Girls Around Town.  She’ll be talking too about some of the common symptoms and solutions, her thoughts on HRT and what she means when she says ‘Your hormones are more than a reflection of your fertility’.

Do you want to take control of your hormonal happiness, to feel amazing? Then you’ll want to hear what she has to say…


New beginnings

If you’re a regular listener, you may remember June and Sue talking a couple of weeks ago about Fiona’s plans to step down as the Girls Around Town wellbeing guru.

But before she hands over the reins to Rosalyn in November and heads off for pasture new – in terms of work, that is – she’ll be in the studio for two more shows…

This Sunday, Fiona will be talking about giving up her health practice to teach for Inspire, the Nottinghamshire organisation that runs libraries and community learning.

She’ll be sharing details of some of the varied courses on its extensive programme too – who knows, if you’re looking for a new beginning of your own, you might just find a little inspiration in what she has to say!

Later in the show hypnotherapist Louise Page, who works in the Vale of Belvoir, will be explaining what hypnotherapy is and describing some of the situations in which it can most successfully be used.

And she should know – she manages her own phobias with it…

Tune in or listen online between 10am and 12 noon on Sunday when Louise will also be shedding some light on the crucial difference between hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

Meet the new girl around town

If you’re a regular listener, you’ll probably remember hearing Rosalyn Palmer on the show back in June, sharing some of the highlights of her varied life with Tina and Sue.

And you’ll no doubt know that homepath Fiona Theokritoff has been been part of the Girls Around Town team July 2016…

After two more slots – on Sunday 10 September and Sunday 8 October – Fiona will be handing over the reins as the show’s wellbeing guru to Rosalyn, who makes her first appearance on the other side of the desk on Sunday 5 November.

Although relatively new to Newark, she’s already built up a wide network of contacts in and around the town. So she’ll be drawing on some of these – and on her own experience and training as a clinical hypnotherapist,  a Rapid Transformational Therapist and a Maris Peer Master Therapist – to bring more experts from the world of wellbeing to your Sunday morning listening.

Watch this space for news of her first guests – in the meantime, from June, Tina and Sue a warm welcome to Rosalyn, the  ‘new girl around town’ and a big thank you to Fiona for being a valued member of the team since last summer…