Picture perfect

It’s an oft-used saying and one that applies to lots of different situations…

But You’ll never get a second chance to make a first impression definitely fits the bill when it comes to online dating!

There’s no doubt that people giving those apps a go usually make up their mind in a split second so it’s important to catch their eye and make sure that first impression really is a good one…

And that’s just one of the things that photographer Gemma Wilks, this week’s guest on Girls Around Town, sets out to do for clients.

Gemma will be in the studio with June in the second hour of the show to explain how she’s on a mission to abolish those bathroom selfies, replacing them with eye-catching photos and dating profiles that stop singles in their scroll.

Online dating isn’t for everyone of course, which is why she also hosts regular Single and Mingle evenings in Nottingham where guests can meet up over a drink and a bite to eat in the old-fashioned way.

And that’s not all – inspired by Channel 4’s First Dates, she’s just launched Table For Two which matches suitable couples over a delicious meal…

The only difference being there’s no TV crew present and of course no Fred Sirieix greeting guests on their arrival at the restaurant!

Make sure you Put On Your Sunday Best on 107.8FM, on the apps or online to hear what Gemma has to say from just after 11am this weekend…

When no doubt she and June will have plenty to share about their own first dates too, both successful and otherwise!!


The first steps to making your wardrobe really work for you

Looking for a few hints and tips on how to declutter your wardrobe?

Look no further – this week’s guest on Girls Around Town is here to help!

Joining June in the second hour of the show, personal stylist Michelle Wright will be sharing a little bit of advice to ensure that, whenever you’re looking for something to wear, the words of American writer Amy Fine Collins will ring true…

Opening up your wardrobe should be like arriving at a really good party where everyone you see is someone you like

Known to clients and followers on social media as Mrs Stylewright, Michelle will be explaining why and how she became a stylist and how she now spends her time helping women build their confidence through what they wear and making sure that when they look in the mirror they love the person looking back at them.

She’ll have news too of how she did just that for some of the ladies at Deborah Firmstone’s recent fundraising Swishing Event in Grantham before it’s down to the real nitty gritty…

That all-important wardrobe cleanse that she insists isn’t just about throwing stuff out!

“It’s about making your wardrobe work for you, helping you to style what you already have and making a wish list of items to help you achieve your dream wardrobe,” says Michelle, who’ll have those hints and tips to help you do just that.

Don’t forget Put On Your Sunday Best on 107.8FM, on the apps or online this weekend to join Michelle and June, who’s expecting their chat will encourage her to finish the wardrobe clear out she started over the Christmas/New Year break…

And no doubt give her an excuse to draw up that wish list ready for the summer months ahead!

A place to breathe and grow for a new way of living

Are you ready to welcome the first guest of 2022 to Girls Around Town?

Make sure you Put On Your Sunday Best this weekend to do just that, when Wendy Baird joins June live in the studio in the second hour of the show to get the new year off to a great start!

If you’re a regular listener, you’ll no doubt recognise the name and remember previous on air chats when Wendy’s been talking about the amazing work done by the team at Carriages Café in support of the local community in and around Newark, particularly over the past two difficult years.

But did you know she’s recently branched out – quite literally!! – and launched a brand new business here in town?

Perhaps you’ve already heard the news – maybe you’ve even visited TREE yourself in the last couple of months…

But if you haven’t, here’s your chance to find out more from Wendy herself, who’ll be explaining why and how she and her daughter Abigail have joined forces to turn one of Newark’s town centre spots into a place to refuel, re-energise, learn and relax.

From healthy food and drinks to wellbeing workshops and holistic therapies, they offer all these and more, so why not take a leaf out of TREE‘s book this Sunday?

Sit back and relax as you tune in to 107.8FM or listen on the apps, on Alexa or online from just after 11.10am

And learn all about this place to breathe and grow for a new way of living.