Time to try a bit of JOBO!

Forget FOMO, JOMO and HOGO – the next guest on Girls Around Town has a brand new buzzword to share with you all!

If you subscribe to her regular newsletter or saw her latest article in the Newark Advertiser, you’ll already know what JOBO is…

But if not, you need to Put On Your Sunday Best to get the lowdown from Rosalyn Palmer herself when she joins June in the studio during the second hour of this week’s show!!

Author, coach, therapist, podcaster and wellbeing expert Ros will be back behind the mic shortly after 11am to explain just what it is.

But before she does, she’ll have plenty of other things to talk about, including a quick update on life on the farm over in Lincolnshire, what she’s been up to professionally since her last on air chat, what’s on the cards for the coming weeks and months…

And news too of yet another accolade she’s recently received, being named as a winner in the annual Brainz 500 Global Awards, a prestigious list of top entrepreneurs and influential leaders who are recognised for their entrepreneurial success, achievements and dedication to helping others.

Find out more when you tune in to 107.8FM or listen on the apps, on Alexa or online this weekend – and make sure you stay tuned right up to the top of the hour for that all-important lowdown on JOBO!

Featured image of Rosalyn by Ursula Kelly Photography


A place to breathe and grow for a new way of living

Are you ready to welcome the first guest of 2022 to Girls Around Town?

Make sure you Put On Your Sunday Best this weekend to do just that, when Wendy Baird joins June live in the studio in the second hour of the show to get the new year off to a great start!

If you’re a regular listener, you’ll no doubt recognise the name and remember previous on air chats when Wendy’s been talking about the amazing work done by the team at Carriages Café in support of the local community in and around Newark, particularly over the past two difficult years.

But did you know she’s recently branched out – quite literally!! – and launched a brand new business here in town?

Perhaps you’ve already heard the news – maybe you’ve even visited TREE yourself in the last couple of months…

But if you haven’t, here’s your chance to find out more from Wendy herself, who’ll be explaining why and how she and her daughter Abigail have joined forces to turn one of Newark’s town centre spots into a place to refuel, re-energise, learn and relax.

From healthy food and drinks to wellbeing workshops and holistic therapies, they offer all these and more, so why not take a leaf out of TREE‘s book this Sunday?

Sit back and relax as you tune in to 107.8FM or listen on the apps, on Alexa or online from just after 11.10am

And learn all about this place to breathe and grow for a new way of living.

Back to business

It may not be quite business as usual for everyone just yet but, as restrictions continue to ease, it’s great to hear how so many people are finding ways to deal with the new normal.

And even better to hear how some of them are using what they’ve learned themselves to help their clients do the same…

That’s exactly what’s on the cards this Sunday, when June will be joined on the phone – the new normal for Girls Around Town for the foreseeable future – by her co-presenter Rosalyn and regular guest Cathie Babbington.

Ros will be ringing in during the first hour of the show to talk about the importance of emotional wellbeing, especially in these troubled times, in her brand new Sanity on Sunday slot.

A little later on, Cath will be sharing some of her top tips on how to Mind Your Own Business – if you’re a small business owner, you’ll want to hear what she has to say in the second hour.

Make sure you’re tuned in to 107.8FM or listening online for some valuable advice from them both and to find out about some of their recent WOWs

Rumour has it that sheep are right at the top of Rosalyn’s list!