Time to try a bit of JOBO!

Forget FOMO, JOMO and HOGO – the next guest on Girls Around Town has a brand new buzzword to share with you all!

If you subscribe to her regular newsletter or saw her latest article in the Newark Advertiser, you’ll already know what JOBO is…

But if not, you need to Put On Your Sunday Best to get the lowdown from Rosalyn Palmer herself when she joins June in the studio during the second hour of this week’s show!!

Author, coach, therapist, podcaster and wellbeing expert Ros will be back behind the mic shortly after 11am to explain just what it is.

But before she does, she’ll have plenty of other things to talk about, including a quick update on life on the farm over in Lincolnshire, what she’s been up to professionally since her last on air chat, what’s on the cards for the coming weeks and months…

And news too of yet another accolade she’s recently received, being named as a winner in the annual Brainz 500 Global Awards, a prestigious list of top entrepreneurs and influential leaders who are recognised for their entrepreneurial success, achievements and dedication to helping others.

Find out more when you tune in to 107.8FM or listen on the apps, on Alexa or online this weekend – and make sure you stay tuned right up to the top of the hour for that all-important lowdown on JOBO!

Featured image of Rosalyn by Ursula Kelly Photography


A few simple steps to help change your eating habits for the better

How difficult has it been sticking to healthy eating habits this past year?

However good you may usually be, have snacks and sweets become the norm rather than the exception during lockdowns?

There’s nothing wrong with the occasional treat of course – with Easter just a few weeks away, a chocolate egg (or two!) won’t undo all your good work – but frequent comfort eating can all too easily become a slippery slope…

Help is at hand though, whether it’s a constant struggle for you or just one more problem you’re facing right now, thanks to June‘s guest on Girls Around Town this weekend!

On the phone to the studio in the second hour of the show, wellness expert Lesley Butlin will sharing some of her top hints and tips to get you back on the right track, from the kind of things you need to avoid doing to some of the things you can do to stop yourself giving in to unhealthy habits.

If you’re eating more than you want to or going to the fridge because you don’t know what else to do, make sure you’re tuned in to 107.8FM or listening online just after 11.20am on Sunday to hear what Lesley has to say about how to manage your emotions more successfully…

And how, by doing so, you can change your eating habits for the better!

How to reset your monkey mind

Are you looking for a way to reset your monkey mind?

Look no further – Girls Around Town‘s very own wellbeing guru Rosalyn Palmer is here to help!

She’ll be on the phone to the studio next weekend to explain all – just what a monkey mind is, how to reset it and how doing so will let you reset not just your business but your life too.

Therapist and coach Ros will be chatting to June in the second hour of the show and, after a quick update about life on a Lincolnshire farm, she’ll be sharing details of the brand new Monkey Business podcasts she’ll be launching on Thursday 21 January.

Perfect timing don’t you think, just a few days before she’s on air?

If you want to learn from great leaders who’ve tamed their monkey minds and find out how their their successes and failures can help you navigate your life and achieve better business outcomes, don’t forget to tune in to 107.8FM or listen online from 11.10am next Sunday, when Ros will be sharing some of the highlights of the first four podcasts, how and where you can access them if you missed them on Thursday…

And how, by following these and future episodes, you can discover how to reset your monkey mind to become king or queen of your own particular jungle!