Food for thought

It’s one of people’s most basic needs and, for many of them, perhaps one of their biggest worries…

Not least among them author Emma Porter, this week’s guest on Girls Around Town, who’s seen and experienced first hand just how debilitating anxiety about not having enough to eat can become.

Inspired by her passion for food security, in her recently-published book Reclaiming Food she sets out to demonstrate that eating well doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, although you do have to forego convenience, change some of your shopping habits and look at different ways of sourcing your food.

And while many folk view cooking as beyond their skillset, in the book she sets out to demonstrate that it simply isn’t!

Joining June in the studio from just after 11am on Sunday, Emma – whose books are published under the nom de plume Emma Kathryn – will be explaining how easy it is to reclaim your food security by cooking simple but satisfying meals from scratch using fresh produce and raw ingredients.

She’ll also be sharing one of the recipes from her book, which covers everything from soups, snacks and sweet treats to bread, biscuits and bubble and squeak…

With Shrove Tuesday not too far away, it’s a particularly appropriate choice but you’ll have to tune in to 107.8FM or listen on the apps or online this weekend to get the full details in plenty of time to give it a go yourself!

A uniquely useful and simple guide to something many of us have forgotten we can do for ourselves: cooking


Simply sweet

With Christmas just around the corner, food – buying, cooking and of course eating it! – is probably pretty high on your to-do list right now.

But what if you want something quick and easy to prepare, with just a few ingredients and absolutely no cooking involved?

The answer’s simple – and so’s the recipe Sue Jackson will be sharing in the second hour of this week’s Girls Around Town!

Make sure you’re listening on 107.8FM, on the apps, on Alexa or online from just after 11.10am

When Sue will joining June live in the studio to give you all the details you need to whip up her Easy No-Bake Lime Cheesecake, the ideal choice if you’re looking for a delicious dessert to add to your festive menu.

And there’s no need to have pen and paper at the ready when she does, because you’ll find those details here or on Facebook straight after the show.

The only question is whether Sue will be bringing a super simple sample with her…

Or will June be heading off to the supermarket to stock up on what she needs, ready to treat herself – and one or two lucky friends – this Christmas?!

Taking lemon drizzle cake to another level

When it comes to tasty treats, a luscious lemon drizzle cake is pretty hard to beat – or is it?

Well no, not if you give it a special Easter twist by adding a layer of marvellous marzipan to turn it into a Lemon Drizzle Simnel Traybake

Which is exactly what Sue Jackson has been doing in the kitchen of The Magnolia Tree Cookery School just lately!

If you love marzipan as much as June does, the good news is that Sue will be on the phone to the studio again next weekend and, after the two of them have had a quick catch-up, she’ll be sharing the recipe with everyone listening in.

Make sure you’re tuned to 107.8FM or listening online from just after 11.10am to find out what Sue The Cook has been up to since she was last on the show, what’s in the pipeline for the coming weeks and months – and of course for all the information you’ll need if you want to celebrate Easter Sunday in style.

But don’t worry if you haven’t got pen and paper nearby to jot down the details there and then…

You’ll find everything you need to know here and on the Girls Around Town Facebook page shortly after the show, giving you plenty of time to gather the ingredients – including that all-important marzipan – ready to make teatime extra special on Sunday 4 March!