Spreading a little happiness with a song!

We all feel a little bit better when we sing, don’t we? A favourite track starts playing out on the radio and suddenly we’re joining in – and often dancing around too!

Chances are some of you will be doing just that listening to Girls Around Town this weekend, especially after you’ve heard what Kari Olsen-Porthouse has to say about singing, not just at home or in a choir but at work as well…

Kari joins June and Rosalyn to describe how she goes about spreading a little joy and wellbeing through group singing.

And how bringing it into the workplace can help create better working relationships and give staff the chance to mix in a different environment.

“I believe we all feel better when we sing but this is amplified massively when we do it together,” says Kari. “As well as running a number of choirs and ensembles, I’m passionate about bringing singing into the workplace. It’s great for morale, for building confidence and, above all, bringing a little laughter into the working day.”

Teaching in a no-nonsense way, she sings songs from across the decades – her singers don’t need any previous experience or the ability to read music, everything she teaches is by ear. When she’s not teaching, Kari blogs regularly through her website and sometimes even finds time to do a bit of singing for herself.

Tune in or listen online between 10am and 12 noon on Sunday to hear what she has to say about her mission to spread a little happiness through song. And feel free to sing along to your favourites from this week’s playlist – no doubt Kari, June and Ros will be doing so in the studio!

Photo by Ursula Kelly Photography

Sing like no one is listening!

tuneless choirDo you love singing but lack the ability or confidence to do so?

If you’ve ever been told to stop because you’re just not good enough, you’ll have something in common with one of this week’s guests!

Nadine Cooper avoided singing in public for years after her school music teacher told her she was spoiling it for everyone else. But that’s all changed – and she’ll be joining the Girls Around Town this weekend to explain why and how…

Nadine and Bernie Bracha will in the studio to tell June, Tina and Sue all about The Tuneless Choir in West Bridgford and how its success has inspired their goal of setting up more choirs across the UK and beyond. Who knows – maybe the next one could be right here in Newark!!

Tune in or listen online between 10am and 12 noon – whether you’re tuneless or not, there’ll be plenty of good music for you to sing along to as well…

Cool stuff for kids at pop up sales

kids designer clothing salePop up shops are – quite literally – popping up all over the place these days.

They’re a great way to buy things you might not normally find on your local High Street. And when the items on sale come with up to 70 per cent off, well what’s not to like?!

For all the mums out there with children aged between 0 and 13, here’s one – well, three actually – where you can bag a designer bargain for the kids.

If you’re Nottingham-based, you can shop for your tots from 11am to 3.30pm on Wednesday 22 April at The Riverbank Bar & Kitchen in West Bridgford.

And for mums in and around Newark, there’ll be two chances to enjoy these great offers – from 10am to 3pm on either Thursday 23 April at Tom Browns Brasserie in Gunthorpe or Friday 24 April at Farndon Boathouse Bar and Kitchen.

ladies lunchingAnd while you’re browsing among high end brands such as I Love Gorgeous, Lilly & Sid, Toffee Moon, Zoobug, Isobel & Henry and lots more, you can even treat yourself too.

Each of the three stylish venues hosting the Designer Children’s Clothes Sale this month is offering shoppers a 20 per cent discount on food during the event. Just follow the links above for their telephone numbers and quote ‘pop up sale’ when you book a table for lunch…