Sing like no one is listening!

tuneless choirDo you love singing but lack the ability or confidence to do so?

If you’ve ever been told to stop because you’re just not good enough, you’ll have something in common with one of this week’s guests!

Nadine Cooper avoided singing in public for years after her school music teacher told her she was spoiling it for everyone else. But that’s all changed – and she’ll be joining the Girls Around Town this weekend to explain why and how…

Nadine and Bernie Bracha will in the studio to tell June, Tina and Sue all about The Tuneless Choir in West Bridgford and how its success has inspired their goal of setting up more choirs across the UK and beyond. Who knows – maybe the next one could be right here in Newark!!

Tune in or listen online between 10am and 12 noon – whether you’re tuneless or not, there’ll be plenty of good music for you to sing along to as well…


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