Managing menopause the holistic way


If you’re looking for natural ways to manage the menopause, this free course at Newark Library will give you access to impartial information and advice on a variety of holistic approaches to get you through this time.

Run by the Community Learning Programme, Holistic Care Through Menopause is being led by Fiona Theokritoff. Topics such as homeopathy, yoga, nutrition and how to talk to your GP will be among those covered in the two-hour sessions, which take place between 10am and 12 noon every Thursday until 6 April.

Although the course began earlier today (23 February), there’s still time to sign up for the remaining five sessions – just call 01623 476830 quoting the course reference number INSP17/27392 or register online here.

The WeightWise way

weightwiseIf you’ve tried every diet out there and you’re still struggling to manage your weight, you’ll want to hear this!

On Sunday’s show, Lesley Butlin and Liz Blatherwick from the Newark-based WeightWise Academy will be in the studio to talk about how a different approach can really make a difference…

They’ll be joining the Girls Around Town to explain some of the psychological reasons why diets don’t work – for more than a week! – and how their courses can help change your relationship with food and eating.

Tune in or listen online from 10am to 12 noon this Sunday to find out about the new free course starting on Thursday 21 April at Newark Library and how clients like Lucy Drury have turned their lives around, thanks to the practical skills and tools they’ve learned from Lesley and Liz.

How to get weight wise…

LizLesleyAre you fed up with always being on a diet? Need help changing your relationships with food and eating?

A new 10-week course, starting in April, could have the answers you’re looking for…

It’s being run by Lesley Butlin and Liz Blatherwick of the Newark-based WeightWise Academy, who’ve been working for the last six years to bring innovation and understanding to weight loss. Having helped many clients recognise the psychological reasons diets don’t work – for more than a week! – they’re now able to share some practical skills and tools with people struggling to manage their weight.

Using a mixture of group work, reflection and didactic teaching in a safe and friendly environment, their courses will help you manage your emotions in new ways other than comfort eating, extend the gap between the impulse to eat and actually eating and improve your self-esteem and mood.

Open to both men and women, the course is free (subject to certain terms and conditions) and takes place at Newark Library, with the first session on Thursday 21 April. You’ll find the full schedule of sessions here – and there’s a one-hour information session, also at the library, from 10am on Wednesday 6 April.

For more details, call 01636 611562 and find out how this course could help turn your life around!