Great expectations

mother and baby

As we wait – and wait – for spring to come (and actually stick around!), it’s a very expectant time of year right now.

So what could be better than to have Girls Around Town guests who work with women who are (or have been) expecting on this week’s show?

In the studio between 10am and 12 noon on Sunday, Fiona and Sue will be meeting Janey Harvey and Katie Greenfield, both very experienced yoga teachers.  Janey, who specialises in yoga for pregnancy, has been running classes in Newark for over 12 years and will be talking in the first hour about how she helps mums prepare for the big day with gentle yoga.

Then it’s over to Katie for the second hour of the show. Well-known in Newark for her baby yoga classes, she’s also passionate about postnatal yoga, for mums who have recently had a baby. More than just a nice way to relax, this is about helping your body adjust to and recover from the massive changes that birth brings with it – so, if your pelvic floor is a distant memory, this could be just what you need!

Find out more about yoga for pregnancy with Janey here and visit Katie’s website for details of new classes starting next month.

Tune in or listen online on Sunday morning to hear what Janey and Katie have to say and, from Fiona,  find out how homeopathy can also help during pregnancy and birth, whether for health niggles like indigestion or keeping energy levels up during labour. Now breathe…


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