The Italian job


Could there possibly be a better job than this? Who wouldn’t want to spend their time eating their way round Italy?!

June for one would be at the front of the queue for the post and Tina and Sue wouldn’t be far behind. But sad to say, next Sunday’s guest got there first…

From gelato in San Gimignano to donkey stew in Mantova, Jane Keightley’s been there, tried them and written about them – along with a host of other culinary delights – in her blog, Mrs K Eats Her Way Around Italy.

She’ll be in the studio next weekend to talk about what inspired her to set out on her travels, sharing a few of her favourite moments and no doubt comparing notes with the Girls Around Town about their own choices of dishes to die for!

Although Italy is her first love, Jane’s a big fan of her home county of Lincolnshire too and she’s made it her mission to spread the word about the many jewels in its crown, so often overlooked by travel magazines and guides.

She’s determined to prove that it’s not just ‘flat, boring and full of cabbage fields’ and that once you visit it, you’ll never view Lincolnshire in the same way again!

Tune in or listen online between 10am and 12 noon on Sunday when Jane joins June, Tina and Sue for a whistle-stop tour of two very different but equally enticing destinations.

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