Getting on track with Coach Cath

When Cathie Babbington joined the Girls Around Town for the first time, she and fellow members of the Bilsthorpe Ladies Running Club were celebrating recent achievements of this Run England group.

Almost four years later the ladies in Bilsthorpe are still going strong, with their 10th anniversary coming soon. But back in the studio next weekend, she’ll be talking about a different kind of running!

A qualified life coach, management coach and small business coach for sole traders and start ups, she’ll be describing how, as well as running her own business, Coach Cath UK, she also finds time to teach at various institutes, including Grantham College, and lecture for BPP London University on Change Management and Business Strategy.

And how earlier this week, she announced yet another string added to her bow, that of co-ordinator for the newly-formed MiBA Bassetlaw Networking Group

Tune in to 107.8FM or listen online between 10am and 12 noon next Sunday to hear what Cathie has to say about how to choose a coach, what benefits clients get from life coaching with her and the kind of businesses she works with on a regular basis.

Find out too how you can sign up for the three free Life Hacks which she promises will bring positive change into your life.

And, if there’s time, perhaps she’ll explain to June and Rosalyn what she means when she tells followers of her blog that it’s OK to be a hippo!!

Cath will get not only get you ‘on track’ she will get the ‘train going at full speed’

The Italian job


Could there possibly be a better job than this? Who wouldn’t want to spend their time eating their way round Italy?!

June for one would be at the front of the queue for the post and Tina and Sue wouldn’t be far behind. But sad to say, next Sunday’s guest got there first…

From gelato in San Gimignano to donkey stew in Mantova, Jane Keightley’s been there, tried them and written about them – along with a host of other culinary delights – in her blog, Mrs K Eats Her Way Around Italy.

She’ll be in the studio next weekend to talk about what inspired her to set out on her travels, sharing a few of her favourite moments and no doubt comparing notes with the Girls Around Town about their own choices of dishes to die for!

Although Italy is her first love, Jane’s a big fan of her home county of Lincolnshire too and she’s made it her mission to spread the word about the many jewels in its crown, so often overlooked by travel magazines and guides.

She’s determined to prove that it’s not just ‘flat, boring and full of cabbage fields’ and that once you visit it, you’ll never view Lincolnshire in the same way again!

Tune in or listen online between 10am and 12 noon on Sunday when Jane joins June, Tina and Sue for a whistle-stop tour of two very different but equally enticing destinations.

Fighting cancer, living life


When writer, editor and teacher of creative writing Jackie Buxton was diagnosed with breast cancer at the end of 2013, she did what she always does when life presents her with a ‘bit of a challenge’- she wrote it down…

Her thoughts soon found their way into her blog. When she posted about losing her hair, that chemo could be fun or about the foods to try when it makes everything taste of mud stirred with bicarbonate of soda, people wrote to say that her blog had helped. It had calmed their nerves and made them smile.

A year after diagnosis, realising she had so much more to say Jackie joined forces with Urbane Publications to produce Tea & Chemo: Fighting Cancer, Living Life. The result is a unique mix of her original blog posts and further thoughts and experiences of everything from mouth ulcers to premature menopause, chemo cough to twitchy legs, together with a light-hearted look at what to say and what not to say when someone tells you they have cancer.

Jackie joins June, Tina and Sue on this Sunday’s show to share some of the highs and lows of the past three years. She’s also be talking to the Girls Around Town about the inspiration behind her new novel Glass Houses, the story of two women, their stupid mistakes and the devastation they cause, as well as the silver linings.

Tune in or listen online between 10am and 12 noon to hear Jackie describe how she set out to give hope to everyone who has to cope with this devastating illness by making Tea & Chemo  ‘the book I wanted to read when I was diagnosed – the truth coated with positivity and optimism’.