Just take ten!

Can you really improve your business in just 10 minutes a day?

According to Cathie Babbington, yes you can – and she’ll be joining June on the next Girls Around Town to explain how…

A commercially minded, experienced and successful business owner and coach who gets results with practical and easy to implement solutions, Cathie makes a welcome return to the show on Sunday 8 November.

On the phone to the studio from 11.20am, she’ll be sharing some of the hints and tips to be found her new book, out soon and the first in a series called 10 Minutes A Day With Coach Cath that she’s planning to publish.

Based on the concept of incremental changes adding up to big improvements, this one’s all about social media marketing.

“Ten minutes a day, invested in anything adds up to 70 minutes a week, that’s more than an hour of something that builds your business,” she says. “Over a month, that’s four and half hours or half a working day focusing on a specific area of business improvement.”

Tune in to 107.8FM or listen online to catch up with Cathie – the book she’ll be talking about might be inviting you to spend just 10 minutes a day with her but a week on Sunday you’ll get to spend at least 20 with Coach Cath!!


Getting on track with Coach Cath

When Cathie Babbington joined the Girls Around Town for the first time, she and fellow members of the Bilsthorpe Ladies Running Club were celebrating recent achievements of this Run England group.

Almost four years later the ladies in Bilsthorpe are still going strong, with their 10th anniversary coming soon. But back in the studio next weekend, she’ll be talking about a different kind of running!

A qualified life coach, management coach and small business coach for sole traders and start ups, she’ll be describing how, as well as running her own business, Coach Cath UK, she also finds time to teach at various institutes, including Grantham College, and lecture for BPP London University on Change Management and Business Strategy.

And how earlier this week, she announced yet another string added to her bow, that of co-ordinator for the newly-formed MiBA Bassetlaw Networking Group

Tune in to 107.8FM or listen online between 10am and 12 noon next Sunday to hear what Cathie has to say about how to choose a coach, what benefits clients get from life coaching with her and the kind of businesses she works with on a regular basis.

Find out too how you can sign up for the three free Life Hacks which she promises will bring positive change into your life.

And, if there’s time, perhaps she’ll explain to June and Rosalyn what she means when she tells followers of her blog that it’s OK to be a hippo!!

Cath will get not only get you ‘on track’ she will get the ‘train going at full speed’

Better together

With so many of their guests being women who’ve made the switch from doing ‘proper’ jobs to running their own businesses, the Girls Around Town know all about the pressures of going it alone.

One woman who’s been there, done that – and she’s probably got the t-shirt too! – is Vicky Limb, who joins June in the studio on Sunday

Vicky will be describing her own journey from employed to self-employed and explaining how she now helps other women overcome the obstacles they face when travelling down the same road.

From a lack of belief in your abilities and the fear of messing it all up to getting your message out there and worrying about how to fit everything in – whether you’re already a ‘one woman band’ or just considering taking the plunge, you’ll want to hear what Vicky has to say.

Tune in or listen online from 10am to 12 noon to find out how getting a mentor on board gave her the confidence and the tools she needed to set up her own coaching business, She-Evolves.

And how through a new online course, She-Supports, Better Together, she’s now helping other women face what’s holding them back and learn the right techniques to get things done.

Never believe you can’t achieve great things in life. Most hurdles can be overcome with the right mindset and support.