Turn your FOMO to JOMO

Are your social media feeds an endless stream of posts and pictures from folk apparently having the best time ever right now?

Does everyone else seem to be getting through tough times with ease and succeeding against all odds, leaving you feeling anxious and somehow lacking?

Then it’s time for another dose of SANITY ON SUNDAY from the Girls Around Town‘s wellbeing expert Rosalyn Palmer, who’ll be chatting with June  during the second hour of this week’s show…

She’ll be on the phone to the studio from just after 11am to explain why you need to turn that Fear Of Missing Out to Joy Of Missing Out and, even more importantly, how to do it! 

“We’re all programmed to think that by missing out we are flawed. It goes way back to our old cavemen thinking and need for connection, as the tribe only survived together. Hardwired to fear separation, we now fear missing out and fail to embrace the joy of being happy in our own company,” says Ros, who’ll be sharing her antidote which, appropriately, spells JOMO.

  • Just say no! It gives you choices and boundaries and stops you from burnout.
  • Own the moment.  If you’re having a bad day, then be easy on yourself and remind yourself that this too shall pass.
  • Make what is right for you a priority.
  • Only check social media, emails, voicemails and the news when you have to. Instead, do what you love.

To discover how to become the best version of you, filled with the joy of finding more by missing out, make sure you’re tuned in to 107.8FM or listening online between 10am and 12 noon.

Because if there’s one thing you don’t want to miss out on, it’s your favourite Sunday morning show!!

The girls are back in town!

At last, the news you’ve all been waiting for – Girls Around Town is back! And with a little help from the first guest of 2018, things will be getting off to a scintillating start with the pulling of a cork – or maybe two…

Join June and Rachel as they raise a glass for a double celebration with Helenka Brown, launching GAT#2 with some of the very first wines grown, pressed and bottled at Hanwell Wine Estate in the rolling countryside of South Nottinghamshire.

Tune in or listen online from 10am to 12 noon on Sunday 4 March to find out what’s in store for the show this spring, when among other things the girls will be joined by members of the new Sunday Supplement team who’ll be sharing their take on some of the hot topics of each month.

Sip, sip, hooray!!

Making time for me time…

dare to dreamDo you feel as if you don’t get enough ‘me time’? When it comes to your list of priorities, are you at the bottom of it? Maybe you’re in need of some radical self-care…

Well, tune in to Girls Around Town this weekend to hear Tina and June in conversation with Sally Canning.

Five months have flown by since Sally was in the studio to talk about her road to recovery and discovery. Now she’s back to pass on some valuable advice about the importance of radical self-care, something she’s had plenty of experience of needing herself.

In her life so far she’s been a single mum, married, divorced, remarried and widowed. She gave up the day job to follow a passion. She’s written for women’s magazines, worked with women internationally and won a national award for Women Inspiring Women.

In the last 18 months she’s refused to bow to the dire consequences of the Big C and you may remember how, on the show last autumn, she discussed her experience with ovarian cancer.

A mentor for women and a catalyst for women’s growth and transformation, Sally will be explaining just what radical self-care is, why it’s so important, how she does it on a daily basis and how we can make it part of our own lives.

Find out more about Sally and her work on her website and be sure to tune in or listen online from 10am to 12 noon on Sunday – this is one interview you’ll definitely want to hear!