Making time for me time…

dare to dreamDo you feel as if you don’t get enough ‘me time’? When it comes to your list of priorities, are you at the bottom of it? Maybe you’re in need of some radical self-care…

Well, tune in to Girls Around Town this weekend to hear Tina and June in conversation with Sally Canning.

Five months have flown by since Sally was in the studio to talk about her road to recovery and discovery. Now she’s back to pass on some valuable advice about the importance of radical self-care, something she’s had plenty of experience of needing herself.

In her life so far she’s been a single mum, married, divorced, remarried and widowed. She gave up the day job to follow a passion. She’s written for women’s magazines, worked with women internationally and won a national award for Women Inspiring Women.

In the last 18 months she’s refused to bow to the dire consequences of the Big C and you may remember how, on the show last autumn, she discussed her experience with ovarian cancer.

A mentor for women and a catalyst for women’s growth and transformation, Sally will be explaining just what radical self-care is, why it’s so important, how she does it on a daily basis and how we can make it part of our own lives.

Find out more about Sally and her work on her website and be sure to tune in or listen online from 10am to 12 noon on Sunday – this is one interview you’ll definitely want to hear!


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