Sewing to swimming, patchwork to paddle boarding – and more!

If you were listening to Girls Around Town last weekend, you’ll have heard June sharing a little bit of good news…

Face-to-face interviews in the studio are back at last!

Some guests will continue to join her by phone and, in the first hour of this week’s show, one of them will in fact be doing that.

But the second guest of the day will be sitting behind the mic on the other side of the desk, just like the good old days!!

Put On Your Sunday Best between 10am and 12 noon to hear what Kath Fox and Rachel Repper have to say – two very different interviews but, as with all the stories shared on the show, both well worth a listen.

Kath will be on the phone to talk about how she and her neighbours on Winchelsea Avenue in Newark joined forces to keep in touch via WhatsApp shortly after the start of lockdown one…

And how, more recently, they’ve gone from friendly chats to putting needle and thread to fabric and started getting crafty.

Featuring 35 different patches, The Lockdown Quilt is a record of some of the different elements that have helped keep everyone going during these unprecedented times and, in Kate’s own words, it ‘symbolises resilience and stoicism, optimism and community cohesion’.

Find out more from Kath at 10.20am – and why not pop over to St Mary Magdalene Parish Church to take a look at their handiwork for yourselves?

But not before you’ve heard the rest of the show, of course, when Rachel will be doing the first face-to-face interview in the studio since March 2020.

A regular Girls Around Town guest for quite a while and until lockdown a co-presenter too, she’ll be back to chat about what she’s been doing over recent months and how Covid-19 affected her life, both personal and professional.

On a lighter note, she’ll be describing some of the activities she’s taken up in the last few months to make the most of the great outdoors – a definite water-y theme to these, as you’ll hear when she picks up the mic just after 11.10am!

Make sure you’re tuned to 107.8FM or listening online, on the apps or on Alexa to join June, Kath and Rachel on Sunday

For a show that covers everything from sewing to swimming, patchwork to paddle boarding and a whole lot more!!

Networking – the new normal

Do you rely on networking to build your business? And have you been struggling to succeed during these strange times?

Next weekend’s guest on Girls Around Town is here to help!

Publisher, author and motivational speaker Ladey Adey joins June on the phone in the second hour of the show to talk about how online networking has saved many businesses.

And how her latest book, Successful Business Networking Online, could help do the same for yours…

“Lockdown has changed business networking forever – no one could have predicted this new normal,” she says. “But this swift transformation has created huge opportunities for those smart enough to exploit them fully.”

Alongside over 100 interviews with super-successful business owners and seasoned networkers, the book unlocks critical secrets to guide you through the principles that will help you

  • Become successful using online networking post Covid-19
  • Discover the strategies needed to guarantee your professional success
  • Understand the difference between online and in-person networking – and it’s not just technology!

Tune in to 107.8FM or listen online from 11.20am  to hear what Ladey has to say – and make sure you join June from 10am to catch all the usual gossip and good music on your favourite Sunday morning show!

Another way to stay in touch

Week six of lockdown here in the UK so far, which means six Sundays have gone by without the Girls Around Town and their lovely guests live on air over on Radio Newark FM.

Hopefully it won’t be too long before you get to hear them again but in the meantime, how about a few podcasts to help you stay in touch?

Rosalyns leading the way with the first one, just saying hello and telling you a little bit about herself and her business…

Next week she’ll be recording a longer piece that tells you how to deal with overwhelm in these challenging times so make sure you have a pen and paper ready for that one!

There’ll be more to come, from Ros and the other Girls Around Town, and if it looks like you’re enjoying what you hear, they could become a regular feature alongside the Listen Again podcasts from each Sunday’s show.

In the meantime, why not grab a cuppa and spend a few minutes with Ros right here?