Finding a fresh perspective on the game of life

There’s a definite wellbeing buzz here on Girls Around Town this month, with Claire Clements and Louise Hallam in the studio earlier today talking about blissful balance and Alison Harris offering hints and tips for healthy eating habits in two weeks’ time.

Completing the trifecta, Sunita Passi will be joining June next Sunday to share details of an upcoming event in Nottingham and a brand new centre she’s just opened in the beautiful Vale of Belvoir, both of which focus on different aspects of – yes, you guessed it – wellness…

From 7.15pm to 10.45pm on Friday 11 October, she’ll be hosting Create Your Future, a lively exploration of authenticity and how to be more of yourself, whatever form that takes in your life.

During the evening Jamie Catto, whose hit career with Faithless is matched by his enthusiastic approach to spirituality and relationships, will be sharing some of his adventures and what they’ve taught him.

Jamie’s workshops attract people from far afield and, for this one, he’ll be joined by other health and business experts in a panel discussion and Q&A session designed to help participants look forward to a fresh perspective on the game of life.

There’ll be news from Sunita too about her Wellness Centre, now up and running at The Engine Yard following its launch and open day on Sunday 11 August.

In a tranquil spot close to Belvoir Castle, the centre is a place where you can unplug from the world and enjoy a range of classes and treatments with some of the region’s most skilful therapists, from ayurvedic massages, facials and body scrubs to yoga, meditation and more…

Tune in to 107.8FM or listen online between 10am and 12 noon to find out how to take care of your mind, body and emotions through these natural processes of healing.

And how, with a little help from Jamie, you can discover ways to make more of yourself and your life.

Whatever it is we do, we owe it to ourselves to be the best we can be. One blissful consequence is that allows us to support others to do the same – the effects of self-care ripple through everything we do – Sunita Passi


Taking a leaf out of Sunita’s book…

neem_leavesIf you’re wondering what possible connection there could be between an Indian ‘wonder leaf’ and being Fabulous After 40, you need to be listening to next Sunday’s show…

Join the Girls Around Town when they meet Sunita Passi to learn how she not only found her own new kind of fabulous but is now helping others to do the same.

After a career as a business journalist interviewing heads of government, business and finance in different countries across the world, Sunita took time out to travel to Kerala where she trained in Ayurveda.

Returning to the UK in 2002, she set about developing a training programme for therapists in Ayurvedic massage techniques, which she launched in 2005. A range of Tri-Dosha products followed and three years ago she qualified as a meditation teacher, receiving her certificate dated on her 40th birthday.

I hope my story inspires other women entrepreneurs who look to make a difference in our incredible world

Fast forward to March 2016 and here’s where that ‘wonder leaf’ comes in – in her biggest business venture yet, Sunita is now on the brink of introducing a new diffusion range based on the Indian herb Neem,  which will be on sale across the UK soon…

Tune in or listen online between 10am and 12 noon on Sunday to find out more about Ayurveda, Sunita’s amazing journey and of course just what it is that makes that Indian leaf so wonderful!