Life in the fast lane with Coach Cath

From business coaching and social media courses to publishing her first book – if you’re a regular listener to Girls Around Town, you’ll know that this week’s guest is definitely a woman who achieves everything she sets out to do…

And right now it looks as though Cath Babbington could be about to be officially recognised for doing exactly that!

Nominated recently for this year’s Woman Who Achieves Awards, Coach Cath as she’s known to her clients will be back in the studio in the second hour on Sunday to tell June – and you – all about it and just what it means to her to be in the running for such a prestigious award.

With two new projects in the pipeline as well – her first journal and a brand new business to boot – it’s a wonder she’s able to find the time to pop over to Radio Newark for another on-air chat.

But, in the words of Benjamin Franklin, if you want something done, ask a busy person which is exactly what June did and what Cath will be doing…

So hopefully you won’t be too busy to Put On Your Sunday Best on 107.8FM, on the apps or online between 10am and 12 noon as usual this weekend to hear what Cath has to say about life in the fast lane these days!

Giving the gift of kindness this Christmas

Search kindness quotes online and – believe it or not – you’ll be able to take your pick from no fewer than 3,473 suggestions on just one of the sites that pops up!

A hugely popular topic and something that should be high on everyone’s agenda all year round of course…

Which is why, even though National Kindness Day 2021 has already been and gone, that’s exactly what this weekend’s guest on Girls Around Town will be talking about!

Joining June in the second hour of the show, Cathie Babbington will be sharing her own thoughts on being kind and why it’s especially important right now.

Whether it’s to family or friends, colleagues or customers, find out from Cathie how you can give the gift of kindness this Christmas, often without spending a penny and simply showing them by words or deeds that they’re in your thoughts.

Make sure you’re tuned to 107.8FM or listening online, on the apps or on Alexa from just after 11.10am on Sunday, when she’ll be live in the studio for the first time since lockdown began, sharing the latest news from her own coaching business too…

Before she practises what she’s preaches where kindness is concerned and treats June to a bit of Sunday brunch in one of the Newark‘s lovely little eateries!

How often not now becomes never

How many times do you find yourself putting off something on your to-do list, delaying a task that will take a while to complete until you’ve ticked off the quick and easy ones on there?

I’ll do that later, you tell yourself – and all too frequently, later can just end up being too late.

Or in the words of Martin Luther King, ‘How often not now becomes never‘.

It’s called procrastination of course and this weekend’s guest on Girls Around Town will be explaining what makes you do it…

And more importantly, how to stop doing it!

Joining June on the phone in the second hour of the show, Cathie Babbington’s recently published book 10 Minutes With Coach Cath is packed with hints and tips to help you manage your time efficiently where social media is concerned.

She’ll have rather more than just 10 minutes on Sunday of course and will be putting her time – and yours! – to good use when she shares her latest advice from just after 11.10am.

Make sure your to-do list this week includes a reminder to tune in to 107.8FM or listen online to catch what Cathie has to say…

No procrastinating – put it on the list now!!