Remember the show nine months ago when Janice Holmes dropped into the studio to launch her Bras for Gambia appeal?

How confident she was that the ladies of Newark and beyond would bring out their bras to support the project?

And how, a few weeks later, she was back with the Girls Around Town to admit just how much she’d underestimated the response, with over 8,000 bras flooding into Newark from as far afield as Canada and Australia?!

By the time the container was ready to head off to West Africa, that 8,000-plus had grown to 10,000-plus and more than a dozen volunteers had come forward to join her in the experience of a lifetime last November

Catch up with Janice in the first hour of next weekend’s show when she’ll be joined by Lesley Rhodes, one of those volunteers, to tell June all about the trip – the people they met, the places they visited and of course the girls and ladies of all ages who were expertly measured for and fitted with what in most cases were the first bras they’d ever owned.

Now rumour has it that plans are already being made for a return visit.

Tune in to 107.8FM or listen online from 10am next Sunday morning to find out just what could be in the pipeline – apparently next time it might not be only bras they’ll be taking with them!

Bring out your bras!

When Janice Holmes launched her new mobile bra fitting business in Newark recently, even she couldn’t have imagined quite how far she’d be travelling to share her knowledge and expertise…

To say she was excited about what she had to tell June and Rachel this morning is quite possibly the biggest understatement of all time. But then why wouldn’t she be when she’s off to Gambia later this year?

Janice joined the Girls Around Town in the studio to reveal all and to explain how listeners living in Newark and beyond can offer her their support – quite literally!!

She’ll be making the trip in November, accompanied by son Tom and daughter Victoria, to meet and talk to girls and women of all ages living in Gambia.

And above all, with a little help from some of her suppliers and hopefully from you as well, to provide as many of them as possible with their first ever bras…

Janice will be working with the NEW LIFE CHILDREN’S CENTRES charity and all the bras collected will be sent to West Africa in early August to await her arrival.

So how can you help?

Quite simply, check your underwear drawers! How many bras in there do you no longer wear? Too big, too small, the wrong style or colour – chances are you’ll find one or two at least.

All she’s asking is that you donate those unwanted undies – any style or size, so long as they’re in reasonable condition – by taking them to one of the collection points listed below by Monday 29 July.

And don’t forget to tell all your female friends and relatives – guys, that includes you too! – and ask them to get involved. Because every single bra collected will find a new home in Gambia and help change a life…

Bring Out Your Bras! collection points can be found at

New Life Children’s Centre, The Arcade, Newark                                              Carriages Café, Platform 1, Newark Castle Station
Tennyson Wharf Care Home, Burton Waters, Lincoln
Larkhill Retirement Village, Clifton, Nottingham
Janice Rose Lingerie, Juniper Lea, 1A Grove Street, Balderton, Newark

Lingerie loveliness after breast surgery

Finding the right bra is no easy task at the best of times. But for most of us, the search is a walk in the park compared with the difficulties faced by thousands of women looking for a bra – any bra! – after breast surgery.

Every year, 50,000 women in the UK are diagnosed with breast cancer and they all need to replace their bras immediately. One such woman was next Sunday’s guest Sue Pringle, who was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 40. Following a mastectomy and reconstruction after two inconclusive lumpectomies and a further lumpectomy 10 years later, she just wasn’t satisfied with the choices on offer.

So she decided to put an end to tears in the changing room, to turn what she calls her ‘grump’ into a business – and millie lingerie was born…

Sue joins the Girls Around Town in the studio to talk about how, after a long and successful career in product development and marketing with retailers such as Clarks, Boots and Interflora, she’s just launched a Kickstarter campaign to help move the millie bra from prototype to production.

Sign up to support the campaign and you can take your pick from a series of ‘rewards’, whether you want to be among the first to own a millie, give one to a special friend or family member or help someone else feel a little lingerie loveliness by choosing to make a gift of a millie (or millies) to one of their charity partners, Nottingham Hospitals Charity or Keeping Abreast.

Tune in or listen online between 10am and 12 noon when Sue tells June and Tina about her mission to find ways of making it easier, more accessible and just as much fun as it should be for women to buy a bra after breast surgery.