Climbing out of the pit of despair

How do you take ten years of struggling with the seemingly relentless despair of PTSD and Depressive Disorder and turn your experience into something positive?

For Australian veteran and successful businessman Trace Dann (in the guise of his alter ego, Captain Krankypants), the answer lies in sharing his story with others suffering the same conditions.

In what he describes as one of the most personal and self-confronting websites he’s ever built, Trace tells the tale of his journey from a life of inner turmoil, stress, unhappiness, anger and distrust to a new life of self-awareness, acceptance, trust and, hopefully, happiness.

He’ll be in the studio with June this weekend to explain how he’s taking that tale on the road in a series of presentations, including one at Newark‘s Carriages Café next week, in a bid to help fellow sufferers and their families.

“My aim is to help reduce the number of depression-related suicides,” he says. “Above all, I want to reassure others that they’re not alone in this and that, with the right professional support, they can find the way to climb out of the pit of despair and back onto solid ground.”

Tune in or listen online between 10am and 11am on Sunday to hear Trace talking about his own journey and his plans to return to the UK next spring, when he’ll be offering more audiences his unique take on this serious and extremely topical subject.

Just the ticket


Back in September, a campaign for better public transport links between Fernwood and Newark finally bore fruit when Nottinghamshire County Council and bus operator Travel Wright joined forces to launch the trial of a Saturday service for village residents.

The news came hot on the heels of the announcement that operator Marshalls had extended its Fosseway Flyer between Newark and Nottingham to include Fernwood, with a new two-hourly Sunday return service also added to the existing timetable.

“We’ve been fighting for a better deal for the 2500-strong Fernwood community since the start of the development nearly 18 years ago,” said Julia Smith, who was one of those leading the call for improvements. “The new services are a step in the right direction and hopefully they will be well supported so we can prove the demand for more comprehensive provision.”

Three months on, Julia will be in the studio with June to report on progress, sharing feedback on the take-up from the two operators and comments from some of those who are taking advantage of the new services.

Tune in or listen online between 11am and 12 noon on Sunday when Julia will be describing the campaign, the impact the recent improvements have had both on her and on fellow residents – and where they go from here…