An all-round healing experience

How time flies when you’re having fun! Hard to believe it’s been almost exactly a year since Sunita Passi joined the Girls Around Town to talk about Ayurveda and the launch of her new Neem range…

She’ll be back in the studio again this weekend, talking about the role of meditation in promoting mental health and spreading the word about ThinKNotts, an event taking place in Nottingham on Saturday 13 May.

Organised by Unplugged Space, a group of holistic therapists Sunita helped to create, its aim is to bring together over 1,000 people for a mass meditation in the city centre’s Old Market Square. With the chance to try yoga (including laughter yoga), sample holistic treatments and even take a dip in a sound bath also on offer during the day, it’s sure to be an all-round healing experience for everyone taking part.

Tune in or listen online between 10am and 12 noon on Sunday to find out more about ThinKnotts – and, with Homeopathy Awareness Week running from Tuesday 11 to Sunday 16 April, to hear Fiona explaining why, despite being 200 years old, homeopathy is still ahead of its time.

She’ll have details too of Just One Drop, a new film about to be released in the UK which sets out to help more people understand what homeopathy can achieve.

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