Because three brains are better than one


You know how we often talk about having a gut instinct, a stout heart and a cool head? Well, that’s the language of our three brains talking…

Yes, you read that right – our three brains! – and if you want to know what that’s all about, you need to listen in this weekend, when the Girls Around Town welcome guest Tina Mason to the show.

A wellness coach with a wealth of strings to her bow, Tina recently trained in a revolutionary new technique called mBIT, which uses ancient wisdom and modern neuro-science to help us develop the best of ourselves.

She’ll be telling Fiona, June and Sue just why three brains are better than one – and how we can get them talking to each other!

And staying with the theme of  emotional wellbeing – something we all need plenty of right now with Christmas looming large – Fiona will be offering a few remedies for inner calm, even if those around you start behaving one currant short of a mince pie, along with some practical tips for pick-me-ups if you find you’ve been celebrating just a little too much…

Tune in or listen online between 10am and 12 noon and remember: Keep calm, it’s only Christmas!


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