Hot off the press

Fiona’s back on the show next Sunday and the week’s hot topic (apart from a quick mention no doubt of Wednesday’s Great British Bake Off final!) is one that will strike a chord with many Girls Around Town listeners: the facts and myths surrounding the menopause.

In the first hour, she’ll be talking about how she’s helped lots of ladies through the transition of menopause over the past 16 years. Realising that women are very keen to help themselves and open to lots of different health ideas to achieve this, she’s put together some of the most successful things she’s seen work into a presentation which she’s now offering as a girls night in with a difference.

And the best part of it is, Fiona will come to you…

Then, after 11am, Deborah Garlick joins Fiona and June hotfoot from the successful launch of the Henpicked book, Menopause: The Change For The Better.

Find out why Deborah feels so strongly about the need for women to embrace the change, how the book came about and how its launch on World Menopause Day last week saw her #HotFlashMob tweets trending in the UK’s top 10 topics!

Tune in or listen online from 10am to 12 noon to discover how, as the women who will live longer post-menopause than any others in history, we can all make it count!

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