Sing as if no one is listening!

sing as if no one is listening

Do you shy away from singing in public because someone once told you to ‘shut up and stop spoiling it for everyone else’?

Would you like to unleash your inner songbird somewhere other than under the shower just once in a while?

Well now you can, with a little encouragement from this week’s guest Nikki Whittaker!

Regular listeners to the show will have heard the Girls Around Town talking about the recent launch of Newark’s Tuneless Choir. Tina and Sue both went to its first meeting back in September – take a look at the video and you’ll be able to spot them singing (and swinging!) along to Delilah

Tune in or listen online between 10am and 12 noon on Sunday, when Nikki will be joining June and Sue in the studio to explain what prompted her to set up the Newark choir.

And how, even if you think your voice is a bit more Kermit than Kylie, there’s a place in its ranks for you and you could soon be singing and swinging along too!


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