Mapping the way to wellbeing


Fiona’s in the driving seat this Sunday, with the latest of her regular slots devoted to health and wellbeing.

She’ll be talking to Dr Adigo Atabo about functional medicine, which recognises that all parts of the body are interrelated through biochemical processes. What happens in the gut affects the brain, the immune system and hormone balance. Therefore, when something goes wrong, there is no single solution to fix the problem, there are many interventions that can be of help.

By charting every aspect of you – what you eat, how well you sleep, exposure to toxins, the degree of emotional support you receive, signs and symptoms of disease and diagnoses – it’s used to produce a map of how well you’re functioning in order to identify hotspots and identify targeted, multi-level interventions to help you get better.

One of only two Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner (IFMCP) doctors in the UK, Dr Atabo runs her functional medicine practice in Nottingham and London and is also a founder of the Nottingham-based initiative Unplugged Space, which offers people practical advice on mindfulness.

A former surgeon, she’ll be talking about her work, how to start a daily mindfulness practice – and using Fiona as a guinea pig to demonstrate a self-enquiry mindfulness exercise!

Tune in or listen online between 10am and 12 noon as Girls Around Town Fiona, Tina and Sue explore this fascinating subject with Dr Atabo’s help…


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