How creative leadership skills can help change lives

As a university lecturer, Debby Cozins has used coaching strategies to support students’ development for many years.

Inspired by the impact of one of the courses she delivers, she’s now set out to share her expertise with a wider audience by writing a book based on its content and she’ll be joining the Girls Around Town on this week’s show to explain why…

The course, Professional Practice and Leadership in Educational Contexts, offers her students the chance to explore and develop qualities needed for creative leadership. “Learning these skills as adults can be challenging because it means overturning habits, often deeply embedded, that have been learned through interaction with other people and from life experiences,” she says.

“If children were taught these skills from the outset, it could offer them the opportunity to live happier, more effective and more successful lives. And, taking this a step further, embedding the teaching of these skills into the education curriculum, could have a positive impact on society as a whole.”

Debby’s book will help parents and teachers set the process in motion, covering topics such as

  • Our amazing brain and habits
  • The ‘Luck’ factor
  • The ‘Fear’ factor
  • Beliefs we hold about ourselves and what we are capable of
  • Flexible action planning
  • Personal growth and change
  • Bounce-back-ability – the importance of being resilient
  • The ‘other people’ factor – interdependence, really listening, the importance of contributing, values and principles
  • Adapting successful business models of leadership for personal use

Tune in or listen online between 10am and 12 noon on Sunday to find out what led Debby to write the book and how implementing the strategies it explores can change young people’s lives for the better.


Helping women get the lives they want

A self-confessed ‘mature woman’, next Sunday’s Girls Around Town guest Penny Briant has faced a number of unexpected life changes in the last 10 years.

And while readily admitting that everyone’s journey is different, she firmly believes that being able to draw on her own experiences gives her a unique insight into what the women she now works with are going through.

Proof positive that it’s never too late to change direction, Penny was in her late 40s when she gained a degree in Human Resource Management.  Her growing interest in personal development led to further study and in 2015 she qualified as an accredited life coach.

Based in Newark, she uses her new skills to help clients find a way to deal with the kind of challenges she had faced. But not by giving them advice or telling them what to do – as a coach, her role is to motivate them to create their own future by asking questions that encourage them to focus on where they really want to be.

“Women are incredibly powerful and do amazing things but all too often in later life we find ourselves losing our way,” says Penny. “It’s at times like these that we need a strong circle of support and I will always be grateful to the female friends who were there for me through some difficult times.

“Now I feel privileged to be able to give my clients the same support in a professional way and in doing so to help them get the lives they want.”

Tune in or listen online between 10am and 12 noon on Sunday, when Fiona will also be sharing her hints and tips for summer health.

Many of feel better for some sunshine and the longer days at this time of year but being beach-ready can be a bit of challenge, especially if your toes are still showing signs of hibernation! So here’s your chance to find out how to keep your feet neat and the veruccas at bay, along with other advice on a few more summer niggles…