Be still and sparkling in 2017

pretty-woman-1509959_1920There’ll be more hints and tips from Fiona this week, in her first health and wellbeing spot of 2017.

But don’t expect magic diets and exhausting workouts, that’s really not her style – instead she’ll be talking about how to be Still and Sparkling, whether or not you’re a fan of mineral water!

If you’re a regular listener, you may remember hearing Nikki Whittaker from the Newark Tuneless Choir on the show a few months ago. Nikki will be back in the studio on Sunday but this time she’ll be talking to the Girls Around Town about her day job…

And a vital one it is too, as a safeguarding and training manager for PANDAS, a national network that supports mums through post and perinatal depression.

Affecting more than 1 in ten women with children under a year old, PND is a frightening and lonely place to be. Even now, many women struggle with symptoms and do not access help that is available. Nikki works with the 150 PANDAS volunteers up and down the country – very often women who have been through PND themselves – so that they can support people in their local area.

She’s aiming to make sure more of us know more about this condition in 2017 – tune in or listen online between 10am and 12 noon to find out what she has planned for the coming months.

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