Down on the farm

open farm sundayGail Hooley makes a welcome return to this Sunday’s show – hopefully bringing more of her delicious croissants for the Girls Around Town to enjoy!

A natural chef and artisan bread maker who runs an active community bread-making group in Nottinghamshire, Gail has a deep understanding of the quality, flavours, colours and richness of the content of our food.

She sees food not just as fuel but as medicine too and is passionate about inspiring us to “make good lifestyle choices and to take responsibility for our nutritional wellbeing, either as a first line of defence against illness or on the road back to recovery”.

She’ll be in the studio this time to talk to June, Tina and Sue about Open Farm Sunday, a national initiative which sees hundreds of farms across the country opening their gates to visitors.

Understanding where our food comes from is part of the ethos of the event, which this year takes place on Sunday 5 June. It’s an opportunity for everyone, young and old, to discover at first hand what it means to be a farmer and the fabulous work they do producing our food and managing the countryside.

Tune in or listen online between 10am and 12 noon to find how and where you can get in touch with the land that feeds us on Open Farm Sunday…


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