What’s your clothing personality?

wear pink

If you were listening to the show last Sunday, you’ll have heard Tina and Sue having all kinds of fun talking to Lisa Newport about finding your personal style.

Whenever she starts working with a new client, one of the first things Lisa does is get her to take a Clothing Personality Quiz, which helps to identify the client’s dominant style. Is it classic or creative, romantic or dramatic, natural or fashionista?

The quiz is usually only available to Lisa’s customers but guess what? She’s kindly agreed to share it with the Girls Around Town, which means they can share it with you!

So here it is – just follow this link and give it a go – you may be surprised by what you learn.

And if you’re inspired to take it further,  why not check out Lisa’s website for details of her self-image workshops, one-to-one consultations and online programmes? Just head over to My Ruby Slippers to find out more…


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