Finding your super savvy style

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Do you feel too old to follow fashion but still want to be on trend? Worry about looking like mutton dressed as lamb – or your mother?

You can describe the kind of clothes you like best but, all too often, when you decide to try something a little bit different, it just ends up unworn at the back of the wardrobe.

Or you’ve put it on once for a night out and somehow it didn’t feel quite right…

Sounds familiar? Well, according to this week’s guest, Lisa Newport of My Ruby Slippers, here’s why: it’s usually because you’ve veered away from your natural clothing personality, creating disharmony in your overall look.

Clothing is a form of self expression – Marc Jacobs

It’s all about figuring out which colours suit you and which key clothing styles work for your body shape, identifying your clothing tastes and then throwing lifestyle and personality into the mix. She even has a quiz for clients, using a series of multiple choice questions to establish which one of the six clothing personality styles is the best fit…

Join the Girls Around Town on Sunday and you’ll learn how Lisa helps clients to define and understand their clothing personality,  avoid ‘wardrobe wobbles’ and develop their own style and image.

Tune in or listen online between 10am and 12 noon to pick up some pointers on how you can discover your own super savvy style and find your fabulous!


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