Turn on, tune in – the girls are back!

listening inEveryone else may be counting down to Christmas right now but the Girls Around Town have their eyes on a very different deadline…

In just over 24 hours, June, Tina and Sue will be back behind the microphones for the first of four shows in November and December. It’s been over six months since they were last on air with Radio Newark, so chances are they’ll have plenty to say!

Deborah Garlick, Nadine Cooper and Pam Burrows will all be joining them in the studio between 10am and 1pm on Saturday, to talk about ‘the wisdom of women’ – no shortage of material there then…

With such a broad subject to tackle, expect anything and everything from the serious to the strange. Did someone mention nipple cream? You’ll have to tune in to 87.7fm to find out what that’s all about!

Not in or near Newark on Saturday? No problem – listen live at www.radionewark.co.uk – and why not share your own pearls of wisdom with the girls, via their Facebook page. They’d love to hear some of your favourites…



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