Getting your eating habits back on track

Do you find yourself heading to the fridge or the food cupboard when you’re feeling anxious, upset or simply bored?

Do you reach for a biscuit and then can’t stop till you’ve finished the packet or unwrap a bar of chocolate, intending to have just a couple of squares, but before you know it you’ve scoffed the lot?

If this sounds like you, then this week’s guest on Girls Around Town is here to help you out!

On the phone to the studio in the second hour of this week’s show, Liz Blatherwick will be talking about her new book, A Practical Self-help Guide to Managing Comfort Eating, which will be published in early September.

Packed with plenty of ways to help you think about and manage your relationship with food and weight, it’s based on a tried and tested 10-week course run by Liz and her former business partner Lesley Butlin.

Liz will be joining June this weekend to describe why she decided to write her first ever book, how it helps readers work out what they might really be hungry for when they eat emotionally and how trying some of the skills and exercises she suggests can help them begin to work out what works best for them.

The book’s already available for pre-orders but if you don’t want to wait till September to start changing your eating habits for the better, make sure you’re tuned to 107.8FM or listening online from 11.10am on Sunday when Liz will be sharing two or three of her top tips to help you identify some of your emotional eating triggers…

And improve your health and weight by replacing them with calorie-free skills to cope with your feelings!

Creating a happy life

Not long now till lots of lovely small businesses across the country will be opening their doors once more…

And if you’re anything like June, Monday 12 April just can’t come soon enough!!

Someone who’s looking forward even more to the next stage in the easing of restrictions is artist Liz Goulding, who’ll be on the phone in the second hour of next weekend’s Girls Around Town to share news of what’s on the cards for mid-May onwards, when a range of brand new workshops will be up and running in her Secret Garden Studios here in Newark.

Overlooking the beautiful secret garden itself, the studios will be home to a variety of different classes from poetry and printmaking to creative writing and textiles – and painting too of course!

A firm believer that a creative life is a happy life, Liz can’t wait to spread a little of that happiness when the workshops and classes get under way in May.

Make sure you’re tuned in to 107.8FM or listening online from just after 11.10am next Sunday when she’ll be chatting to June about what’s in store…

And how you can find your happy by joining Liz and various other experts, ready to start getting creative together!

Pictures courtesy of Liz Goulding

Making a spectacle of yourself!

Spring has well and truly sprung this week, enjoying the great outdoors is a little bit easier now lockdown restrictions are gradually being lifted…

Time to get out and about – and get out your sunnies!

Someone who knows a lot about being spectacular is Paul Cotter from London Eye in Newark.

This weekend’s guest on Girls Around Town, he’ll be on the phone in the second hour of the show chatting to June – who knows a fair bit about specs too, having worn them since the tender age of 13.

Visits to the optician were a lot different back then, of course – standing against a wall, covering each eye in turn and reading off the rows of different sized letters printed on a sheet – and Paul will be describing how much the process has evolved over the years.

He’ll be talking about the importance of regular eye tests, how people’s eyesight changes over time and the rising popularity of designer frames. In case you’re wondering by the way, June’s current pair are by Gucci – no surprise there then!

But it’s not only about making a spectacle yourself, especially when it comes to the sunglasses everyone’s donning now, and Paul will be describing why protecting your eyes from strong sunlight is so vital and how having the right lenses can do exactly that.

Make sure you’re tuned in to 107.8FM or listening online from 11.10am on Sunday to hear what he has to say…

And if you’re heading out for your daily walk after the show, don’t forget to put on those all-important sunnies when you do!