Staycation or vacation?

As travel restrictions to some destinations gradually begin to ease, have you already started thinking about booking a holiday to make up for one that was cancelled earlier this year?

Perhaps you’re planning to stay close to home, here in the UK? Or maybe you’ll be flying further afield in search of sun, sea and sand?

Whatever your choice, you’ll want to hear what Travel Counsellor Gina Barton, this week’s guest on Girls Around Town, has to say on Sunday‘s show…

Gina will be joining June by phone from 11.20am to share her top tips for your trip – make sure you’re tuned in to 107.8FM or listening online to find out what she has to say about some of the best places to go and the best bargains on offer…

And which destination is right at the top of her list for her own first post-lockdown holiday!

Earlier in the show, co-presenter Claire will be on the phone to June too, chatting about what she’s been up to since she was last in the studio back in February and no doubt sharing one or two of the WOWs she’s had over the last few weeks.

Join June, Claire and Gina between 10am and 12 noon for all this and more on Radio Newark‘s favourite show by, for and about women

Let’s escape…

Just a few weeks into winter and June’s already thinking about making a break for it!

And with the weather at home guaranteed to get a lot worse before it starts getting better, she’s probably not the only one dreaming of escaping to sunnier climes, if only for a few days.

If that includes you, then this weekend’s guest on Girls Around Town might have the answer you’re looking for. Meet Travel Counsellor Sheila Stamp, who’ll be in the studio on Sunday morning to share her expert opinion on the best ways to get away from it all over the coming months…

Whether you fancy a week by the beach, soaking up the sights on a city break or even taking to the slopes, she’ll have a few suggestions on the hot (literally or otherwise!) spots that might fit the bill for you and your families.

She’ll be explaining too what her role as an independent travel counsellor involves and why customers across the country have recently voted Travel Counsellors UK the Best National Travel Retailer in the 2019 British Travel Awards.

Tune in to 107.8FM or listen online between 10am and 12 noon for a quick look back at some of Sheila’s own favourite trips, a look ahead to the destinations likely to be most popular for summer 2020 and two or three of her top tips for getting the most out of any holiday.

Chances are what she has to say will have June getting to work on one of her legendary packing lists before the week is out – and who knows, you just might be inspired to follow suit…

How to pack like a pro!

With the holiday season upon us, how useful is this?

Too late for Sue, who returns from Venice today, but with less than three weeks to go till her annual trip to Amalfi, this could just be what June needs…

A big thank you to Lisa Newport for sharing it with her Let’s Chat Style Facebook group. The Girls Around Town are already members (of course!) but if you’re a woman who wants to look and feel the business, whether at home or away, why not head over to the page and just click Join for access to lots of other useful style solutions?