Celebrating young superheroes

If you missed Claire‘s Facebook Live, which was part of an event celebrating National Superhero Day on  Tuesday 28 April, it’s not too late to catch up with it here….

And even more importantly, to get your kids to join you watching the video, in which she tells them how identify their own super powers…

“Think about a superhero that you admire – what are his or her super powers?” she says to them.

“A pencil and paper would be useful here to write them down – do you think those powers would apply to you? Draw yourself as your superhero too and, while you’re doing it, think about what you’re already good at and about whether there’s a skill you’d maybe like to learn.”

Find out more about what Claire has to say below and check out her Facebook page for links to some of the other videos shared during the event…


One for your watch list

Heading into week six as a self-isolating single, June had pretty much run out of box sets to watch.

Until yesterday evening that is, when she stumbled across the first episode of Mediterranean with Simon Reeve on BBC2.

One hour later she was hooked and, rather than wait for episode two next weekend, headed straight over to BBC iPlayer to binge watch the the rest of the series…

Originally broadcast in October 2018, it follows Simon as he embarks on an extraordinary four-part journey around the Mediterranean, uncovering the wild extremes that lie behind the tourist veneer.

From stunning scenery to terrifying tales of deprivation and despair, the stories he shares are both heartbreaking and heartwarming – if you’re looking for something that’s entertaining and enlightening in equal measure, this is definitely worth adding to your watch list.

The bad news is there are just four episodes in this particular series but there’s good news too…

Fourteen more multi-episode series featuring Simon’s epic journeys are still available over on iPlayer – no surprises for guessing how June will be passing the time as lockdown continues!

Are you ready to brave the shave?

As promised ladies and gentlemen – how to tidy up your husband’s/partner’s hair, courtesy of Marshalls Hair in Newark

With the help of his lovely wife KarenMichael takes  you step by step through the process which, as you’ll see from the recap at the end, in their case included several quick breaks for a sip or two from the whiskey coke, fizz and glass of wine they had close at hand!

Of course if your experience of shaving someone’s hair is limited, you just might want to hold off on the drinks till you’ve finished the final stage…