Are you ready to brave the shave?

As promised ladies and gentlemen – how to tidy up your husband’s/partner’s hair, courtesy of Marshalls Hair in Newark

With the help of his lovely wife KarenMichael takes  you step by step through the process which, as you’ll see from the recap at the end, in their case included several quick breaks for a sip or two from the whiskey coke, fizz and glass of wine they had close at hand!

Of course if your experience of shaving someone’s hair is limited, you just might want to hold off on the drinks till you’ve finished the final stage…

Do you remember when it used to be Jif?

Need a bit of help topping up your titter tank today?

One of your five giggles a day coming right up, courtesy of the Girls Around Town and the one and only Victoria Wood

Here she shares her unique take on the seven signs of ageing – how many of them have you started developing recently?

Do you get Fern Cotton mixed up with Dot Cotton? How about those very thin catalogues in the Sunday newspapers always used to go straight into the recycling bin – have you started ordering things from them? And can you remember when Cif used to be Jif?

Sit back, enjoy – to be honest, by the end you’ll probably have exceeded your five giggles a day in a little over eight minutes flat…