Bake my day


Three episodes in, seven to go and the heat is on in the Great British Bake Off tent…

Whose showstopper will capture the star baker crown this week? Who’ll be making a final appearance on the show? And of course the burning question – what colour lippy will Candice be sporting on Wednesday?!

As if all this hasn’t been enough to inspire bakers everywhere to head for the kitchen, from Monday 19 to Sunday 25 September it’s National Cupcake Week. No surprise then that the Girls Around Town couldn’t resist combining cupcakes and chocolate in next Sunday’s show.

Join June and Sue between 10am and 12 noon, when they’ll be giving their verdict on GBBO so far and on a Chocolate Moment with a bit of a twist. Cupcakes topped with chocolate and avocado frosting – what would Paul and Mary think and, more to the point, will they be a hit or a miss with the girls?

Tune in or listen online to find out and watch this space after the show if you fancy checking out the recipe yourself…


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