A stress-free summer

enjoy summerThere hasn’t been too much evidence of it so far but, whatever the weather, summer is officially here.

And even if it doesn’t bring endless blue skies and as much sunshine as we’d like, with school holidays looming a little bit of advice on how to keep stress levels to the minimum wouldn’t go amiss!

So tune in or listen online from 10am next Sunday, when it’s over to Fiona Theokritoff

A regular guest on the show since Radio Newark first launched back in November 2013, homeopath Fiona is joining the Girls Around Town as their wellbeing expert – welcome to the team, Fiona!

She’ll be in the hot seat once a month and, after sharing some of her own healthy hints and tips, will be discussing a range of therapies, treatments and other issues with guests from the wider world of  wellbeing.

First up is Sue Mcfarlane of Natural Therapies For You, offering listeners advice on self-care for the summer. Find out how eating well can help lower stress levels and pick up a few of her practical tips for keeping calm and enjoying summer, kids and all!

Sue will even be taking Fiona, June and Tina through one of her simple exercises live on air – why not set aside a few minutes on Sunday to join in at home?


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