Pins and needles

facial acupunctureJune‘s been on pins for months, waiting for the new book by Rebecca Bradley to be published – but it looks as if she won’t have to wait much longer.

One of the authors appearing at the second Books in the Castle festival next month, Rebecca will be chatting to the Girls Around Town shortly after 10.15am on Sunday.

A former police officer, she’ll be explaining why she turned to writing about crime instead of helping to solve it and the inspiration behind her first DI Hannah Robbins novel Shallow Waters. She might even be persuaded to drop a few hints about the storyline in the next one!

Then if you’re a bit squeamish about needles, you might want to look away in the second hour of the show! Oh no, wait – it’s radio so there’ll be nothing for you to see… And besides, the needles in question are so fine they’re hardly scary at all.

Hannah Townsend will be joining the girls after 11am to talk about the history of acupuncture and some of the conditions she uses this ancient therapy for when treating patients in her Southwell clinic.

She’ll also be explaining what made her decide to add facial acupuncture to the treatments she now offers, how it works, why it works and the kind of results it can achieve.

Make sure you tune in or listen online between 10am and 12 noon to find out more from Hannah and Rebecca – two very different guests but two equally fascinating interviews…


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