It’s good to talk

talking newspaperA charity started over 30 years ago is looking for more volunteers to help put together weekly editions of the Newark and District Talking Newspaper.

Vice-chairman of the charity’s committee Wendy Pease (pictured here at work with some of the volunteers) will be joining the Girls Around Town on the show this week to explain just what’s involved in being an editor or a reader.

“The talking newspaper is a fantastic service which benefits blind and partially-sighted people. For some of them it’s essential and they look forward to receiving it,” says Wendy. “But we need more people to help and we’re looking for anyone of any age who has an hour or so to spare.”

Tune in or listen online between 10am and 12 noon on Sunday, when June and Sue find out more about this vital service and how you could help to keep it going strong…

Picture courtesy of the Newark Advertiser