Spilling the beans

Do you remember the Swinging Sixties? Maybe not – but perhaps you’re still a fan of Sixties music?

Either way, the name Frank Ifield is sure to strike a chord – the first UK-based pop star to have three consecutive number one hits, beginning with I Remember You in July 1962 which was also the first disc to sell a million copies in the UK alone…

This weekend, ex-showbiz journalist Graham Keal returns to Girls Around Town to explain why and how he made it his mission to bring one of his own 60s idols to Newark on Tuesday 22 May.

“As a pop-mad 12-year old back then, Frank was a huge star to me,” says Graham. “And he still was when I interviewed him 20 years later during my time as TV editor of the Northants Evening Telegraph.

“When I saw on his website that his 2018 UK tour didn’t include any dates in the East Midlands, I contacted his agent and agreed to organise a Frank Ifields Spills The Beans dinner if a suitable venue could be found.”

Graham will be in the studio on Sunday to describe how he set the search in motion and just what’s in store for the 40 diners at Carriages Café, where Frank will be ‘spilling the beans’ about lots of behind-the-scenes stories from the Swinging Sixties.

Tune in to 107.8FM or DAB digital radio or listen online between 10am and 12 noon – with a little bit of luck, June might even be able to persuade him to drop one or two hints about some of the tales Frank has to tell!


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