Coming soon to a theatre – and a TV – near you

With tickets now on sale for the Robin Hood Theatre‘s upcoming production of Accidental Death of an Anarchist, Rachel Repper will be back in the studio on Sunday to give listeners an insight into this classic of 20th century theatre.

Performed in more than 40 countries across the world since it was first staged in Italy in December 1970, Dario Fo‘s farce comes to Averham at the end of next month.

Based on real-life events surrounding the death of Italian railwayman and anarchist Guiseppe Pinelli,  who ‘fell’ – or was he pushed? – to his death from a police headquarters window, the play is a sharp and hilarious satire on political corruption.

Rachel will be talking about her own involvement in the production, which runs from Tuesday 26 to Saturday 30 September, and she’ll have details too of some of the other shows coming to Averham over the next few months.

Then, in the second hour of the show, the focus moves from theatre to TV…

Different channel, different day and, with the exception of Paul Hollywood, different judges and presenters – whether it will be the same without the ‘Queen of Cakes’, Mary Berry, remains to be seen…

But for the next 12 weeks, fans of The Great British Bake Off will be keeping Tuesdays from 8pm to 9pm clear to watch the contestants battle it out in the iconic Berkshire tent.

Setting the scene for episode one on Tuesday 29 August, June and Sue will be taking a look at this year’s line up. Already described by Paul as ‘the best yet’, they include the oldest contestant ever to take part, a former army officer training to become a stuntwoman, a molecular biologist and a 19-year old student from Hackney known to his university friends as the ‘Cake Boy’!

Tune in or listen online from 10am on Sunday for two hours of easy listening with Rachel and the Girls Around Town


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